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View Premium Website Content Using SomeNano WordPress Plugin

Operating as a useful WordPress plugin, SomeNano has taken the limelight this week as it finally allows website creators to create a particular paywall for articles through their website. It has been learned that creators can now browse and pay for a premium website content through the Nano cryptocurrency.

In a report obtained by the Medium, web creators will enjoy less of a hassle as this SomeNano plugin offers less burden to content subscriptions, and only a soft and efficient implementation of the Nano on the website. While this plugin allows creators to charge for a targeted premium without requiring for subscription, this will also allow them to pay with Nano and make access to specific content in only a matter of seconds.

Different Uses of SomeNano Plugin to WordPress

While payments for WordPress is becoming more accessible with SomeNano plugin, checkout the list below to know more about what this plugin can do for you and the user.

  1. Paywall on a blog post – This method will require a certain user to make a payment in order for him to have full access and a full view to particular blog content.
  2. Paywall on a page – When a user wants to have access and full view to entire website content, then, this means of payment is highly accepted.
  3. Paywall for an image – This payment is also acceptable when a user wants to view a premium image in a certain website. Most probably, that image is free from watermarks.

Having known all these advantages of accepting payments through the SomeNano plugin, without a doubt, website creator will love how this plugin will going to work on their websites in the days to come.

How Does SomeNano Works?

Are you ready to accept the Nano digital coins as payment to view your premium content on your WordPress site? Here’s how the SomeNano plugin works best for you.

  1. First, make sure to install the SomeNano for WordPress plugin in your website;
  2. Add your own Nano account into the settings page in order to proceed;
  3. There is a somenano_paywall shortcode that you will find in your page and in every content of it, make sure to include it, and the content below the code will be viewed once the payment is made;
  4. Users will make the payment for them to view the premium content of the website.

According to the Somenano official website, it takes some easy steps for a creator to start using the plugin. Apparently, there is no registration required in order for creators to receive payments; and similarly, there is also no registration needed in order for a user to make payments on the website.

Once a user is logged in into your WordPress site, they will automatically gain access to the paywall whenever they are logged in into their account. But when a user is only a WordPress site guest, that certain user will bypass           the paywall as long as they keep a cookie in the browser they are using.

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