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VeChain Partners with DNV GL and Norway in a Box to Provide Blockchain Solution to Imports

VeChain has recently announced that it will be partnering with DNV GL and Norway in a Box to create a platform that will ensure imports from Norway and other Northern European countries reach the Chinese market safely.

VeChain will provide the blockchain technology that is trustless and decentralized which basically gives consumers a transparent way to view the journey that these products will be undergoing from the origin country until it reaches the Chinese market.

The high-quality Norwegian products, particularly seafood will be ensured in this new platform. Seafood from Norway will be the first batch of Norwegian products incorporated in this new platform. Due to the challenges regarding safety concerns that current imports are facing in the Chinese market, fundamental processes like validation, safety measures, and certification, especially in food importation, is still a big challenge even in this day and age. Blockchain technologies will provide the solution to these hurdles by allowing a secure, absolute, and transparent platform that has a traceable characteristic that will show the processing of food products with assurance and data confirmation from third-parties.

DNV GL is one of the largest business assurance companies in the world and it will be collaborating with Norway in a Box, an exporter of high-quality Norwegian products, along with VeChain and its blockchain technologies. Ensuring that guidelines of governments are met, these three companies are working together to bring fresh food from Norway and into China.

My Story™ is an app from DNV GL which is a blockchain powered digital assurance solution. In this new partnership, brands of different products can give their consumers instant access to verified and real stories behind the products via the app. Consumers can scan a QR Code that is attached to a product and they can access facts, timelines, and locations that are made available to the consumer which makes the process a transparent one.

In this new collaboration, MyStory™ will assist in starting the verification of the Norwegian salmon and other types of seafood. Through this app, the process that the fish will undergo, from the time it was caught until the packaging is completed will be recorded.

Norway in a Box, on the other hand, has created a shopping platform where consumers can purchase the seafood once it arrives in China. Meanwhile, other shipments will be sent directly to restaurants in China. MyStory™ and Norway in a Box are working closely together to improve their services and features for the future.

In this new partnership, blockchain technology offers the assurance that the ledger is unchanged and that facts about the product are registered. DNV GL will audit product information and processes and validate the data capturing process. In general, the collaboration will also answer the growing demand for transparency in food importation not just in China but in the world especially with its feature of traceability from the first steps of the process until its arrival. With the app, the product’s freshness is assured by Norway in a Box and validate by DNV GL which addresses a lot of food safety concerns.

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