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Top 4 Best Elastos Wallets

Elastos is a kind of Chinese blockchain project that was launched by Rong Chen and Sunny Feng Han. Despite having built their company in China, its business was officially registered in Singapore. With its launching, it has been the main goal of their company to create a new and innovative blockchain-powered kind of internet. Just like any other blockchain foundation, it has been their target to provide services about digital assets distribution.

With this blockchain-controlled internet, anyone has the entire control over the private keys and as well as with their assets as a whole. The Elastos simply runs on a smart web and this simply protects certain users from any fraudulent activities that may be caused by thefts and digital hackers. Accordingly, the Elastos blockchain has purposely separated the application flexibility among the sidechain and the main chain of each application. Each application takes care of the basic transactions while the other is involved in the smart contracts.

As of this writing, the Elastos blockchain is among the growing number of projects that are coming out of China. Most of them have called the ELA blockchain as the “third pillar” of China’s blockchain dominance. While most of the analysts have predicted the emergence of this blockchain in the market, most of the digital investors have also started to shift their attention with it.

Best Elastos Wallets in 2019

In order to give you the best comparison of the different Elastos wallets, consider the list below and learn more about the right wallet to choose in storing your Elastos coins.

#1 Elastos Wallet Android – This is basically the official wallet for the Elastos tokens. This wallet simply enables the user to store, receive, and send Elastos tokens smoothly. It also allows users to transfer their tokens to a different exchange. This wallet is very convenient for the Android users as it was perfectly designed to give ease of use to users, be it beginners down to the experts. It was undoubtedly considered as one of the best Elastos wallets ever existed in the digital market today. As of this writing, the Elastos wallet android downloads are pretty good in numbers which simply shows that more and more investors are using the wallet already.

#2 Elastos Wallet iOS – While there is an official wallet for Android, another Elastos wallet was designed for iOS users, too. This wallet enables users to store, send, receive, and transfer their Elastos tokens. One of its features is the use of private keys that allows users to have full control over the security of their wallet. Apparently, this is also considered as one of the best Elastos wallets for iOS users since it gives them the kind of convenience beyond compare.

#3 Elastos Elephant Wallet Android – This wallet is also better known as the Elastos Eco Wallet. It has a feature that integrates users and the services among the different ecosystem partners. On the other hand, this wallet enables traditional users to have their smooth means of transaction. It reportedly supports a multiple coin variant from the different ecosystem partners. Meanwhile, the private keys of this wallets are only saved locally.

#4 Elastos Elephant Wallet iOS – This is another good option for the iOS users who wish to make transactions with their Elastos tokens. Its interface is very user-friendly and will surely give convenience to users, be it beginners to experts. Meanwhile, its private keys are also stored locally and, in every transaction, a user is required to provide a signature to protect his or her assets at all times.

How to Choose the Best Elastos Wallet?

Elastos has been in the development for a long year and it has literally competed to any other blockchain including Bitcoin and others. According to some analyst, Elastos may complete to Google one day in terms of its internet influence. And because of that, most of the digital investors are keeping an eye into this Chinese blockchain.

Meanwhile, being an Elastos token holder may also require you to have the best wallet to store your coins with. Numbers of wallets are evolving in the market today and it is important for you not to miss selecting the right one for your need.

One of the basic factors in choosing a digital wallet is security. As an investor, you should not put security as a compromise. This means that getting a wallet with a private key and or a two-way factor authentication is needed to keep your assets safe and secure.

Second, it is best to choose a wallet that will provide you with ease of use. Most of the time, risk takers in the digital industry are mostly beginners. With that, choosing a wallet with the simplest user interface is highly-advised. It is important that you’ll be able to do your transactions like sending, receiving, and transferring of tokens in the easiest manner possible.

While it is true that security and UI interface are important factors in selecting a wallet, you also need to check on the wallet’s compatibility. It is good to know that Elastos wallets are now available for both Android and iOS users. This goes to show that whatever your device is, you can finally get the chance to pick the wallet that works for your gadget best.

Make sure to have your wallet set up successfully before you store your Elastos tokens. Meanwhile, there are also some wallets which offer you a walk-through guide as a start. Some wallets will require users to write down their 12-word recovery phrase as part of its set up process. Meanwhile, it is believed that this phrase must be kept safe since it will be used as a password whenever planning to restore your wallet.


In selecting your Elastos wallet, make sure to keep an eye of your wallet security. As you start storing your Elastos tokens, it will be then easier for you to send, receive, and transfer this asset to other exchanges. May the list above give you insights on what wallet to choose for your digital coins.

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