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Theworldbank Wallet Review

1. Introduction to cryto wallet Theworldbank Wallet:

Theworldbank Wallet is a technology product of WB Develop and Technology PTE LTD

Theworldbank Wallet cryto wallet issued a token: World Bank Token (WBT)

Project information Theworldbank Wallet

Official launch date: June 25, 2019

Origin: Singapore

Business code: 201923843C

Capitalization: 1.2bil $ sing

Home: https://wbankwallet.com/ (Login to the website to speak)

Guide to download the app, install the app

Blockchain wallet is decentralized

– Register an account on the Wbank Wallet app

– Back up wallet with 12 characters

– Importing private key of all app wallets with the same platform can log into the app wallet of Theworldbank Wallet

1.1 Solutions Theworldbank Wallet has a comprehensive opportunity to invest in crypto wallets?

What is WBank Wallet crypto wallet?

Theworldbank Wallet desires the freedom that Blockchain has provided globally to anyone who voluntarily participates in a decentralized network.

WBank Wallet is the world’s first decentralized electronic wallet, based on ERC-20. Completely based on Blockchain technology. Wbank Wallet wallet is the first wallet to integrate DEX “Your money is safe”.

This system has an attractive mechanism. It generates stable revenue from DApps Ethereum, Games, etc. This is the largest ecosystem based on ETH ever.

WBT: $ 0.778 (August 15, 2019)

2. Register your account right on imtoken or trust wallet, myether ….

This means there is no need to use Theworldbank Wallet’s app wallet and still be able to experience the WBank Wallet system, by linking on Dapps systems of other e-wallet apps such as: Imtoken, Trust Wallet … or whatever Any app wallet on the ETH platform or integrated decentralized feature.

And the most standardized model right now is Stacking on the app wallet of Theworldbank Wallet, which is on the way to follow that success. It can be said that this is the next trend of investment wave in the app wallet.

Stacking model is the model being used by many big coins. It means that when you invest in Theworldbank Wallet system, you must lock a WBT salary corresponding to the USD value you want to invest, this makes WBT scarce, preventing inflation, increasing the value of Worldbank Token (WBT).

(Go to imtoken to create an account)

2.2 Not just a decentralized cryto wallet, we pass the bank’s limit, we are a complete ecosystem of DAPPs (decentralized applications)

2.2.1 Decentralized trading exchange integrated in crypto wallet:

– We declare that WB Wallet is the first standardized decentralized crypto wallet on the Blockchain ETH platform and has a built-in trading platform.

– Currently on ETH platform there are decentralized trading exchanges such as IDEX, Bancor, Etherdelta, … and we are proud to be the same decentralized trading platform and integrated in the wallet (where assets are stored). . Currently, WB Wallet DEX has been one of the largest NODEs on the ETH platform.

– Order book, purchase and sale features of the trading exchange (you can buy and sell WBT tokens right on the app)

2.2.3 Extensive Dapps system:

WBank Token is an extension code that maximizes DAPPS system development (decentralized applications).

Our application is open source, all source code is public, which encourages developers to create ideas and implement Blockchain ETH platforms in our own applications.

Currently Dapps has focused on GAME on ETH platform and will soon launch many interesting services and games.

In the future, we aim to have more than 1000 games on the ETH platform released

In Q3 2019, we will release DAPP version of ETH betting game, transparent, independent and decentralized such as BO, Game, Margin, Casino. No longer based on trust mechanism.

2.2.4 The first binary options trading platform on ETH platform will soon be released at the end of Q3 2019

In the crypto market there are many different binary options trading platforms, but in fact, we only see moving paths and numbers.

ETH-based applications will erase false data, create absolute accuracy and above all, everything is transparent and cannot be faked and fraudulent.

2.2.5 Theworldbank Wallet development roadmap

  1. August: Update new updates for app wallet, update the ecosystem
  2. September: Update new versions of the Dapps platform, work with trading platforms preparing for the sale of IEO and coinmarketcap
  3. October: Sell IEO on Fidex trading platform
  4. Continue planning on major exchanges, developing user community

2.2.6 Locate WBank Token

Total supply: 16 million WBank Token and allocated as follows:

Ecosystem (5,000,000 For serving ecosystem)

Angel investors (2,000,000 For investors seed sale)

Listed (3,000,000 For listing and IEO offer)

Lock (5,000,000 unlock after 5 years)

Marketing (500,000 for marketing)

Bonus program (500,000 will be used as bounty)

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