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Qtum Can Now Be Used in Trading Traditional Stocks in Global Markets Using Quantfury

Qtum has announced yesterday that it can now be used in trading and investing in commodities, stocks, crypto, and other financial instruments on Quantfury.

Quantfury is a mobile app that enables cryptocurrency owners to use their crypto to access their dollar funds and trade various financial instruments. Example of these are equities, crypto pairs, and commodities that are enumerated on global traditional markets as well as crypto exchanges. The trading of these financial instruments is done without paying a commission, maker and taker fees, leverage fees, and other fees. The financial instruments traded are always quoted at real-time exchanges’ best bid and ask prices and are never artificially adjusted.

Quantfury is a trading app that is offered to users who are outside the US and Canada. Usually, in order to trade stocks and other financial instruments and assets, users have to fund their accounts with particular fiat currencies. More often than not, these come with a lot of fees and some are hidden charges or adjusted prices.

In this new partnership, by using dollar funds, or Qtum tokens as collateral, users can buy stocks instantly like Tesla, Amazon, or Apple and there is no need to pay commissions or maker and taker fees.

By using the Quantfury app, all financial instruments are quoted in real time with the best bid and ask prices delivered directly from the global trade. App users receive transparent and fair trading on both the traditional markets as well as the cryptocurrency markets.

Users can now expand their investment ranges with some of the more intriguing stocks in the world. For some time, Asian users of Qtum have been unable to benefit from the stability of Western markets. There are new possibilities that will move the retail investment experience forward thanks to these new features that will remove much of the resistance and friction that existed before.

Investing in its own trading strategies is how Quantfury makes money. Learning user trading data is one of the strategies employed by Quantfury. It offers real-time back-to-back bid and asks prices from global trading platforms such as NASDAQ and Bitfinex without any commissions or fees.

Quantfury’s platform is user-friendly and the transparency it offers the users enable them to access global markets without needing to sell their crypto. Currently, Quantfury accepts six major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dai, and Tether.

Users can now trade or invest in more than 700 financial assets such as QTUM/USD pair at Bitfinex without a maker or taker fee. Quantfury users can also deposit up to $1,000 USD in Qtum.

To set Quantfury from the rest of the competition, a crucial difference is that users can utilize their crypto as collateral, and get fiat funds to exchange traditional and crypto resources. On the other hand, most brokers require users to first convert their crypto to fiat before depositing it, while in cryptocurrency trading, they only let users trade other cryptos with their current crypto assets. But possibly the best feature of Quantfury is the cost in the platform since there are no commissions, leverage fees, and no hidden charges.

Quantfury hopes that in this new collaboration, access to unique financial services can be made more accessible to Qtum’s user base that does not usually benefit from the Western market’s stability.

Qtum’s commitment is to break down the barriers that prevent blockchain to be accepted around the world and this new integration and collaboration demonstrate the dedication of Qtum to expand financial opportunities and access to the users.

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