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Gifto Officially Migrates to Binance Chain

Today, Gifto just made a big leap as they officially migrated to the Binance chain. With the aim of making Gifto the widely-used token in the world, they finally decided to clear off the boundaries by leaving the Ethereum blockchain for the newly launched Binance. In a report obtained by …

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Top 6 Best Nano Wallets

It was 2015 when Nano was launched by Colin LeMahieu as RaiBLocks, it is a low-latency payment platform that involves minimal resources thus making it ideal for peer-to-peer transfer of value. The Nano community began to grow at a certain pace early of 2018 and has continually grown in an …

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What is AION? A Review of the Futuristic Platform for developing dApps

Aion strives to bring about flawless interoperability across blockchains, interconnecting both public and private enterprise blockchains. It achieves the latter via a “token bridge” which enables tokens to move across chains. As a 3rd generation blockchain platform, AION capacitates data and value transfers between whichever AION-compliant blockchain and Ethereum by …

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InstaDApp V2 Officially Launched

An all-new version of this decentralized bank, the InstaDApp V2, has officially been launched. The company is very excited to announce the launching of this newest version as it features an all in one dashboard for the DeFi ecosystem together with the contract wallet. Further, during the launching, they revealed …

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