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Aion (AION) News

Top 6 Best AION Wallets

In cryptocurrency, good software communication can bring harmonious transactions among users and platforms. Customers want fast, smooth, secure, and efficient performance; however, there are certain occasions that cannot be avoided. Certain flaws in the blockchain system can cause additional delays and cost to users and also negative feedback towards the …

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What is AION? A Review of the Futuristic Platform for developing dApps

Aion strives to bring about flawless interoperability across blockchains, interconnecting both public and private enterprise blockchains. It achieves the latter via a “token bridge” which enables tokens to move across chains. As a 3rd generation blockchain platform, AION capacitates data and value transfers between whichever AION-compliant blockchain and Ethereum by …

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Aion Officially Launched Aion Surf for Miners

Aion has officially announced the official launching of Aion Surf for miners and it is finally live. It has been the main goal of the Aion network to attract more miners; given the fact that they are the backbone of the blockchain space. In the continually growing mining community, this …

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