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Neo Blockchain Partners with Zeux Pushing Payments for Apple and Samsung Apps

Zeux, a fintech firm that is based in London, has recently confirmed its partnership with the Neo blockchain, an 18th ranked cryptocurrency in market capitalization. In a recent report obtained by the Medium, this newest collaboration between two firms will allow users to convert their digital assets and be able to pay for application in both Apple and Samsung.

This recent announcement is such a piece of great news for the NEO holders who can finally spend their tokens with all applications that accept Apple and Samsung Pay worldwide. As of reports obtained by the Medium, Neo will officially be available on the Zeux app this coming May 7, 2019.

Through this partnership, Neo blockchain and Zeux are both enhancing the pace of the cryptocurrency adoption in the market. While many merchants have already accepted payments through digital coins, the addition of Neo tokens into the Zeux app now allows users to pay with ease for the goods and services they need through the above-mentioned payment options.

Knowing More About Zeux

Zeux is a financial firm that makes an investment, payment, and banking transactions being integrated into one single application. Each user of this application has the chance of making every transaction easy. They will have their own digital bank account where they can control transactions made on their digital wallet. Hence, this app gives them chances to buy goods and services at any stores that allow Apple and Samsung Pay.

During the announcement, Frank Zhou, the firm’s Founder and CEO, has expressed his excitement with this upcoming collaboration. On his official statement, he expressed how delighted he is as they will be adding the NEO token into the list of cryptocurrencies in their platform. As these two firms affirm their collaboration, the Founder and CEO also looks forward to a more enhance economy by giving every developer a certain tool where they can create and deploy their own smart contract.

Meanwhile, NEO enthusiasts also believed that this partnership will pave the way to the global exposure of the digital currency in the market. In the near future, they look forward to a greater number of investors in the cryptocurrency community while believing that great business could also happen in the crypto sphere.

What to Know About the NEO Blockchain?

NEO is an open-source digital currency that was launched in China. The NEO token is a representation of an investment token in the blockchain with over 100 million tokens used in block creation. It has been learned by the Today’s Gazette that the indivisibility of the NEO token is something that makes it a lot different from other cryptocurrencies in the digital market. It has been recorded that its smallest unit is always 1.

While NEO is working hard in order to achieve their goals in the market, making collaboration with firms like Zeux is a sure way to provide more of their services to more regions. Furthermore, through this partnership, it has been revealed that NEO tokens will now be available for use in the UK since Zeux has just entered into the UK market.

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