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Most Profitable Coins to Mine in 2019

Everything You Need to Know about Mining

Cryptocurrency mining has become a trend in the crypto space recently. Most of the time, when people heard about mining, they think that it involves a really complex process. However, in order to fully understand the process of mining, one must also learn about the important ideas of what cryptocurrency is all about. Having known as a digital asset, cryptocurrency is used to work as a medium of exchange today. It basically involved a process known as cryptography which ensures that all transactions are safe and secured all the time.

On the other hand, while it is not easy to understand cryptocurrency mining, things will become a lot easier when a person becomes a miner himself. Nowadays, these digital currencies are produced through a mining system which involves a certain algorithm. Further, each digital asset available in the market today also uses a different algorithm.

As a beginner, one must learn the basics of cryptocurrency mining. As to whether anyone can do the mining process, certainly, anyone can as mining is actually a really simple thing. If you are looking for a new hobby, then, barely consider this mining as one of those. Make sure to have enough startup that will need you to buy all the things that are needed in your mining journey. If you look forward to doing cryptocurrency mining, the more research you do, the better it is for you.

Things to Consider on Cryptocurrency Mining

Before you embark on your journey to cryptocurrency mining, make sure to consider some important points in mind. For you to look forward to a more profitable 2019 as you mine, consider the list below as it may be of huge help for you.

#1 You need to have a coin wallet that is secured with your personal password. This wallet allows you to store your earnings, while at the same time, for you to keep all the details of your network transactions.

#2 Make sure to get the best membership to an online mining pool. This refers to a certain community of miners like you who combine their computers in order to enhance and increase their mining profitability and income stability at the same time.

#3 You also need to have a membership to an online cryptocurrency exchange so it would be easy for you to exchange your mined coins and convert it into cash or into another form of the digital coin.

#4 You need to pick up the right mining package that will typically help you in your mining journey. Basically, this involves choosing a particular amount of hashing power and cross-referencing depending on how much you can afford to pay for it.

Best Coins to Mine in 2019

While keeping yourself excited about starting your cryptocurrency mining journey, it is also best for you to explore the best options and learn about the coins that are more profitable to mine this year. Below is the list that would help you find out more!

#1 Bitcoin (BTC) – It is the world’s first decentralized digital coin which has continually made trends in the market in 2019. More and more investors have considered Bitcoin as the most profitable coins to mine in the market this year. Most of the Bitcoin holders believed that this digital asset offers a certain level of immutability and censorship resistance that is needed to truly decentralize the currency.

#2 Ethereum – Despite the fact that Ethereum is only the third largest digital coin in terms of market capitalization, many investors still believed that this coin is very mineable and profitable. It has the so-called extreme decentralization to its network making it one of the most profitable digital assets to mine this 2019. Some experts also believed that Ethereum might overtake the Bitcoin in the near future. Without a doubt, the ETH will become one of the most valuable assets in the entire crypto community.

#3 Monero – When looking for a digital coin that comes between profitability and small losses, then, Monero is a wise choice. One of the main reasons why this digital coin becomes a top-notch this year is the fact that it is the top privacy-centric altcoin that you can ever have. Other than that, Monero tops as the tenth largest digital asset in terms of market capitalization. Further, you can also be pretty sure that Monero will remain accessible and profitable for the miners with just a simple use of GPU.

#4 Grin – This is another treasure when it comes to cryptocurrency mining. This is currently known as the new privacy coin having a limitless supply and has surprisingly got a positive response from the Bitcoin minimalists. One of its features includes privacy, scalability, and fungibility. It is also the first digital asset that is known to leverage in the mimblewimble privacy technology.

#5 VertCoin – This is another mineable coin for the year 2019. The VertCoin is also known as the “people coin.” It is probably one of the easiest digital coins to use for miners. All you need to do is to download its special miner and install it right away. Once done, you can immediately start mining for this coin in no time.


Cryptocurrency mining may be an easy thing; however, it may sound complicated to those who have just begun their mining journey. Mining can be a fun hobby especially if you are making good profits from it. It is undeniably a great thing to do rather than just sitting around waiting for nothing in return. Nowadays, cryptocurrency mining is becoming popular and more currencies have been improved, introduced, and developed, thus making your mining journey a lot exciting.

Anyone can do the mining as long as you have the necessary means to successfully do the startup. On the other hand, the actual mining process is pretty much simple. You only need to have the software needed and it will eventually run by itself. To sump it all, there are lots of things to learn in order to start mining, but it is also something that will give you more profits and long-term success in the near future!

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