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Monero Wins the ResDex 15% Donation Program, Resistance Team Confirms

Great news has come for the Monero as they won the recent Resdex 15% donation program by the Resistance team. In exchange, the ResDex will share that 15% of exchange fees to the Monero’s development fund for the period of six months.

In a report obtained by the Medium, the exchange fees will be up to the Monero development team to decide whether or not they will use their funds to invest in their upcoming projects. Having known that Monero is an open source type of cryptocurrency privacy project, it is believed that more projects will be developed in the days to come.

Monero is known for using the so-called CryptoNight, which is a proof of Work hashing algorithm. This kind of digital currency has been known as one of the earliest pioneers in terms of private blockchain technology. Learning more about Monero today is definitely easy as there are lots of blogs for users to visit online where numbers of developers share their plans to the public.

What is ResDex Donation Program?

With this thrilling news informing the public about Monero’s win, it is quite important to know what ResDex is all about. Basically, this donation program is another way for the Resistance team to help the greater privacy community by means of giving funds for assistance and pledge. Furthermore, a report from the Medium reveals that it is the aim of the RexDex Donation Program to at least give light to the different projects in the privacy community.

This donation program aims to create a private and secure transfer into the global community. In line with this, their team looks forward to the future as they plan to support more of the privacy-centric projects in the days to come. Meanwhile, they added that people must stay tuned as to with their upcoming announcements and plans.

The Monero Currency

Many have probably heard about the common cryptocurrencies in the market. However, only a few have known what Monero currency is all about. This is a popular privacy-focused digital coin which has a unique selling feature, unlike other digital assets.

A report from the BiteDegree elaborated that Monero’s sender, receiver, and transactions made will likely to remain unknown to everyone else. For this reason, Monero has become the most popular privacy-centric coin in the digital community.

Further, there are also other factors which made this coin different from everyone else. In terms of privacy, fungibility, dynamic scalability, and the use of multiple keys, this coin is completely different from the rest of digital coins in the market.

Meanwhile, in conclusion to the recent ResDex Donation Program, the Resistance team expressed their gratitude and thanks to everyone who becomes part and has been involved in the said contest. Among the supporters were the Grin, Beam, Cloak, ZCoin, NavCoin, Bulwark, and Loki. Further, the team also looks forward to more advancement that Mnero will have to create in the privacy-centric community in the future days to come.

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