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Jaxx Wallet Review

The Jaxx wallet is one of the many leading multi-currency wallets that was developed by Decentral. This Decentral is also a well-known bitcoin company that has been known for their wallets, ATMs and other useful services in the digital currency community. While it is true that Jaxx is one of the most favored wallets in the crypto space, this wallet is also known to support more than seven variants of digital currencies which includes the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the dash.

Aside from that, the Jaxx wallet is also known to support the cross-platform pairing that features an easy-to-use user interface, unique design, enhanced security feature, and an ease-of-switch among digital coins stored in the Jaxx. Despite the fact that this wallet is still relatively new in the market, it simply has attracted the masses of digital currency investors given the fact that it has a unique value proposition to each of its users.

The Jaxx wallet can be a desktop, mobile, and a web wallet. Hence, being an investor, all you need to do is to select the wallet type that will mostly adhere to your need. It also has an integration of the ShapeShift, which is a known powerful exchange that supports dozens of cryptocurrencies in the market.

The Jaxx Wallet User Interface

Most of the crypto enthusiasts have struggled a lot as to where to store their digital assets. There are lots of digital wallets available online but not all of them meet the need of the investors. However, when it comes to the Jaxx wallet, it is surprising how such newly wallet become highly-favored by the market today. It is also known for the most useful user interface and is commonly one of the important factors that users have been trying to look for in a certain wallet.

The Jaxx wallet has been designed with simplicity in mind. When compared to other types of wallets, this multi-currency wallet is a bit confusing at first, however, it is more spontaneous than the rest. If you are among those Jaxx wallet users, there are several features that you will surely enjoy. Sending and receiving money, scanning QR codes, and entering addresses are among the things that you can easily do.

All you need to do is to simply download the wallet in order for you to create your account. It is most likely the first thing to do in order for you to get started and experience the satisfaction of using the Jaxx. This wallet is available in different platforms including Windows, Apple, Linux, Android and iOS devices, and even with the Google and Firefox extensions.

Just like other wallets, the Jaxx also requires transaction fees which goes directly to the network of the cryptocurrency that you are trading. Meanwhile, these fees are still believed to be subjected to change depending on the network of the digital asset you trade.

The Jaxx Wallet Security

Just like other sorts of digital wallets, the Jaxx also employs a certain security feature. This is to ensure that your assets are safe while stored in the wallet. Security features are activated to prevent hackers and theft from getting your digital assets unauthorized.

One of the most loved security features of Jaxx is the fact that it stores its private keys directly on the device. This simply means that you can have full control over your funds through a third-party feature. Meanwhile, this wallet is also capable of generating a seed that is used for your wallet back up.

Unlike other digital wallets, the Jaxx is pretty straight-forward. Despite having to create your account for you to get started, it doesn’t mean that you have to enter your email address and other private information to the wallet itself. Therefore, when you are looking for a secured place to store your digital assets, you can never go wrong when you want Jaxx as your primary choice.

The Jaxx Wallet Accessibility

Just like its user interface, to access your digital coins with the Jaxx is basically very easy. After downloading and creating your account to the wallet, you just simply need to log in and select the currency of your choice that you need to make or receive payment.

Apart from that, it is also good to know that Jaxx has the best support team in the market and as such, this is one of the most important factors for investors to look forward to. Whenever having concerns, this team is very accessible for your queries and you can simply reach them through email, chat, and through their social media channels.

Additionally, the company behind the Jaxx wallet has been known for being really transparent with every transaction made by the investors. Should their issues and other concerns that need to be addressed to, you are assured that you can reach to their team at any time.

While it is true that Jaxx is available in desktop, web, and mobile wallet feature, their team has recently made an announcement that a hardware version of this wallet will be launched very soon. This means that keeping your digital coins through Jaxx is becoming more secure as hardware wallets are known to be solid by all means.

Thus, keep yourself updated and stay tuned for whatever this Jaxx wallet is about to announce in the future. Day in and day out, the company are doing all the best they can to enhance and continually improve this multi-currency wallet that you know.


Based on the different reviews discussed in this article, undoubtedly, Jaxx wallet is simply the best storage for your digital currency. When you are looking for a wallet with the best security feature, user-friendliness of the interface, supported digital coins, and the community back up team, then, you certainly can never go wrong with Jaxx. This is ideally the wallet that you need to get when you are still beginning to invade the cryptocurrency market as it is very unique and easy to use, plus, it is highly-accessible unlike the rest!

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