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InstaDApp V2 Officially Launched

An all-new version of this decentralized bank, the InstaDApp V2, has officially been launched. The company is very excited to announce the launching of this newest version as it features an all in one dashboard for the DeFi ecosystem together with the contract wallet.

Further, during the launching, they revealed that an integration with the MakerDAO, Uniswap Exchange, and Kyber Network is now possible in the new InstaDApp. Everything can finally work in one-single dashboard, making every transaction easier and smoother.

Many were anxious with regards to its safe of use. Apparently, in a forum discussion from Reddit, it was revealed that they still no longer have further resource about the new version of the InstaDApp. However, if users do not have the feeling of using the app safely, they can still wait for some time and wait for further updates to be introduced.

Meanwhile, other users were already excited about its launching and had visited the InstaDApp official website. Most of them revealed that this new app is quite cool compared to the other since it’s like a CDP portal but with a whole-new DeFi ecosystem.

The InstaDApp, being a banking protocol, is very vital tool in the financial world. As to the launching of the version 2 app, it was revealed that each user will have their personal contract wallet which enables them to interact to other protocols. As the company starts to make integrations with MakerDAO and Kyber Network, they will further launch the Uniswap pool by next week.

Manage Your Portfolio Fast and Easy

One of the main features of the newest InstaDApp V2 is the ability of users to manage every transaction in one single dashboard, fast and easy. An information from Reddit confirms that it is the goal of the new application to integrate all good DeFi protocols into one application. Somehow, this allows users to keep track of all their portfolio all in one place.

Meanwhile, despite integrating all protocols in a single dashboard, users still have the choice whether or not they’ll manage it through the InstaDApp or will still use their CDP portals. After couple of hours from the official launching, more and more users are excited about this new application.

InstaDApp has definitely made it easy for the users to continue moving forward with every transaction they create. Apparently, since the launching of this application, it has been the aim of their company to provide for an easy access for users who do not have prior knowledge of finance and who are willing to take on loans.

With the “borrow and send” feature of the InstaDApp, any user can now make this transaction in just a single dashboard from the different protocols. Hence, it is believed to be hassle-free and time-saving. As regards to the upcoming updates and upgrades of this newest version, users are highly-advised to stay tuned for further announcement from the InstaDApp as they may include more changes in the days to come.

Having known all these advantages from the application’s newest version, users are now very eager to continue their transaction moving forward.

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