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What is AION? A Review of the Futuristic Platform for developing dApps

Aion strives to bring about flawless interoperability across blockchains, interconnecting both public and private enterprise blockchains. It achieves the latter via a “token bridge” which enables tokens to move across chains. As a 3rd generation blockchain platform, AION capacitates data and value transfers between whichever AION-compliant blockchain and Ethereum by …

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What is OmiseGO? A Review of the Blockchain Project Unbanking the Banked

OmiseGO is among the more enchanting digital currency projects. Notably, it is an Ethereum-based PoS (Proof-of-Stake) platform that endeavors to decentralize payment networks as well as contrive an open, public financial system. The project’s objective entails providing a solution to the elemental coordination issue among payment processors, gateways, and financial …

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