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Bitsdaq Raises $5 Million in a Private Sale Initial Exchange Offering of Platform Token BQQQ

Bitsdaq, the official Bittrex’s exchange partner the different countries like Macau, Singapore, and Canada, made an official announcement on April 23, 2019, that they have raised to $5 million in a private sale IEO of its platform token, the BQQQ.

In a report from AP News, it says that the platform token BQQQ will start its public initial exchange offering at the Bitsdaq official website. Meanwhile, the Bitsdaq verified users are reportedly given access to the said token sale with a hard cap of about $20,000.

Similarly, it was also early this month when the Bitsdaq made an announcement regarding the launching of its IEO platform, the so-called Bitsdaq Launchpad. It is believed to be officially launched in the market in the second quarter of this year.

Meanwhile, after the announcement circulating online, a report from Yahoo Finance said that the exchange got a lot of application officially on the 30th of April. With this, Bitsdaq reveals that the BQQQ will be among the first IEO project that will be launched on the platform for the verified users.

Platform Token BQQQ – First on the Listed Tokens for Bitsdaq Launchpad

Investors are becoming more positive that the BQQQ will grow a lot, given the fact that it would be the first token to be launched in the Launchpad. In line with the private sale initial exchange offering, most investors also believed that this will run very smoothly with the growing numbers of investors’ interest.

This is one of the reasons why Bitsdaq has chosen the platform token BQQQ to be the first to be launched very soon. On the other hand, as a platform token of Bitsdaq, investors have foreseen that the BQQQ will grow a lot through its new launchpad.

At present, it was reported by the AP News that there are about 1.2 million active Bitsdaq users who are holding the BQQQ token. Further, the Bitsdaq also added that come the near future, the BQQQ landing page will be improved in order to support the continually growing active users and to give additional support to the different project parties.

Some of the list of benefits that will be added to the landing page are special share allocations, release assets, priority purchase rights, offline community events, access to the industry research reports, and a lot more.

With all these upcoming changes and upgrades, the Bitsdaq is very committed to creating a world-class Asian blockchain trading platform. The company aims to provide all its investors with the safest, most convenient, professional, and entirely honest trading community for everyone.

Further, they also target to become the leading international financial service provider in the world. The Bitsdaq Launchpad is reportedly offering a complete service for the digital users which include business model assistance, marketing, promotion, and a lot more.

Having known all these upgrades from the Bitsdaq platform, therefore, it is expected that effective and more improved international market transactions are projected to happen in the days and months to come.

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