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The Best Zilliqa Wallets of 2019 and Its Functions

The development of a new wallet has finally come this year, the Zilliqa. While blockchain technology is becoming the latest trend this year, this wallet is finally here in order to solve common scalability issues in the blockchain platform.

This Zilina is known to enable the best and ideal solution in the real-world problems in terms of security, scalability, and the high performance of blockchain technology. Having known as the newest wallet of the year, this wallet is believed to be more focused in terms of scalability, and even with processing blockchain payments. It is also a known decentralized platform that is expected of its advanced development compared to other wallets.

Zilliqa has the so-called sharding feature, which divides the blockchain network into more sub-networks. Further, processing transactions like payments and other computing operations are becoming better with the use of this wallet. It is the aim of Zilliqa to primarily change how the usual blockchain technology works.

Making every transaction better and smoother, this wallet is making no limits as to the number of transactions that it could process in every second. Accordingly, this innovation is capable of processing tens to thousands of transactions per second, thus, making this app a must-have among others.

How and Where to Buy Zilliqa Wallets

Basically, there are two simple steps for you to get this Zilliqa wallet. First, you simply need to buy some BTC and ETH from a certain exchange that will accept payments through debit cards and bank accounts.

After buying crypto coins, you need to simply transfer the cryptos you bought into a marketplace that is selling Zilliqa. Through your crypto coins, getting your more advanced Zilliqa wallet is simply easy and possible.

While this innovation continued to make noise in the market, there are certain questions as to why getting a Zilliqa is a must. One of the main reasons for you to get this wallet is its advanced multi-signature feature and smarter contract functionalities.

Secondly, this wallet is highly-designed of having good scalability and an increase in the transaction is also expected in accordance with the wallets’ number of nodes. Further, it also has an algorithm which allows extremely fast transaction compared to other wallets. With all these good points you read about Zilliqa, learning how and where to buy such innovation is certainly a must-do for you!

5 Best Zilliqa Wallets of 2019 and its Uses

  1. Zilliqa Light Weight – This wallet is very easy to download and can be directly used as a chrome extension. It is where you can place and store tokens for future use in the easiest manner possible. Using this wallet also allows you to get your Zilliqa blockchain account in one single place. When it comes to its security, you need not worry about as you will be in full control of your control once you started adding this to your chrome extension.
  2. The Ledger Nano S – This is a known cryptocurrency hardware wallet which is specially designed to support various kinds of coins. This wallet definitely offers the best experience to any hardware wallet owners. In the digital world industry, the Ledger Nano S has been making a big name. It has lots of features that are easier for an owner to use. In terms of security, this hardware wallet won’t store your crypto coins on the device itself; however, it is where you can access and record all of your transactions. It has a secret and private key where you can manage and secure your digital currencies.
  3. Trezor – It is another popular Zilliqa hardware wallet which is known for its high-caliber security against fraudulent transactions and virtual theft. Through your private secret code, you are able to control your wallet in every transaction you make. Further, it has a clear screen which allows you to confirm as to whom you are sending your transactions. Apart from sending transactions, this hardware wallet also functions best in receiving payments.
  4. MyEther Wallet – It is one of the Zilliqa wallets which allows users to store an ER20C token. Having known to store private keys, this is by far considered as the best Zilliqa web wallet of 2019. This allows you to store your secret code on your own computer, rather than playing your secret codes on a third-party server. This only means that you have the regular backup of your wallet on a daily basis.
  5. MetaMask – It is one of the easiest to access browser extension wallet that is also capable of storing ER20C tokens. It has a private key encryption feature and you no longer need your personal information in order to register into its server. This wallet was purposely made in order to have easy access to all ER20C tokens as much as possible. It can be simply added as a browser extension to Chrome, FireFox, and Opera.

Zilliqa – Is it Worth Getting One?

Zilliqa is notably the first and only blockchain platform to implement the concept of sharding and address certain issues regarding scalability. Right now, with its reliable verification in smart contracts, this wallet is, even more, becoming a must-have in the digital coin world.

This recent innovation has certainly reshaped what a blockchain platform can usually do. Apparently, this is a user-friendly app, thus, making every single transaction smooth and fast. Additional security has also been added into this wallet to keep every transaction secure and private at all times.


Solving scalability problems has finally come to an end. All you need to do is to get aware of these five best Zilliqa wallets and choose the one that works best for you. In the continuous changing digital coin world, it is always best to keep yourself abreast with the latest innovations like Zilliqa and make your transactions safer, faster, and smoother. This wallet is back up with brilliant teams with the aim to give solutions to the recent problems in the cryptocurrency world.

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