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Best Wanchain Wallets

What is Wanchain and the Wanchain Wallet?

Wanchain is a known independent blockchain that basically links and connects the accounts of other independent chains in order to form a certain network. It is through this link that certain digital assets are exchanged. With the broad numbers of digital coins available in the digital space nowadays, it is good to know that the Wanchain is still performing at its best.

On the other hand, the Wanchain is also known as the distributed financial infrastructure that allows users to make transactions with its digital assets across other blockchains through the so-called cross-chain transfer. Apart from the cryptocurrency transfers, this platform still offers other features and applications to their users. It has been learned that when an asset owner uses the applications such as privacy protocols, smart contracts, and the WAN token, they can certainly create numerous cases with it.

Further, the cross-chain transfer will also enable the transfer of data between the Wanchain and to the other networks. It is known to compose several modules including the registration module, the cross-chain transaction data transmission module, and the transaction status query module.

With the many different digital coins in the market today, wallets are also created that is intended to store different digital assets. Since WAN coin is becoming one of the popular assets in the digital space today, you also need to have your own Wanchain wallet to store your coins. Apparently, these wallets are officially free and easy to set up. Any users can use it as long as it supports their device.

The Best Wanchain Wallets for 2019

Below is the list of the updated and best Wanchain wallets that you can use this year. These wallets have a distinct feature and application. You simply need to pick the wallet that adheres to your kind of need.

#1 Wanchain Wallet – This is basically the official wallet for the WAN coin. This wallet enables users to send, receive, and store WAN token safely and securely. Just recently, a newer version of this wallet has just been launched and it finally offers the cross-chain transfers between WAN coin and the Ethereum. This wallet supports devices that are powered by operating systems including Windows, Linux, and the Mac OS. One of the main parts of the newest version of the Wanchain wallet is that it works for both the networks of WAN and the ETH. Undoubtedly, this is considered as one of the best wallets you could ever have.

#2 Ledger Nano Wallet – Being considered as the most popular digital coin hardware wallet, you can never go wrong with the Ledger Nano S. This wallet certainly provides access to the widely use digital assets in the digital market including Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and of course the WAN coin. The Ledger Nano is known as the safest hardware wallet so far since it has a 4-digit PIN code that protects your asset all the time. Apart from that, in any case, that you lose your wallet, you can always recover your asset through a 24-word unique phrase.

#3 Trezor – This is another trusted hardware wallet that was launched in 2014. This device can simply be connected to your computer through a USB cable and this provides you with heightened security against hackers and thefts. Apart from that, the Trezor can be backed by a 24-word paraphrase that is generated through the device. This 24-word password is another form of security that ensures the safety of your digital assets stored. Meanwhile, this wallet can be set up in different ways through a Chrome extension, a command line, and through the mytrezor.com website.

#4 Trust Wallet – This is another best wallet for your Wanchain asset. Accordingly, the Trust wallet is also reliable storage for your WAN tokens. This is available for both Android and iOS devices that enables a user to send, receive, and store their digital assets. This is an open source wallet that is considered having an easy platform with the aim to provide straightforward controls during every transaction.

How to Setup and Select the Best Wanchain Wallet?

Getting the right Wanchain wallet is crucial to ensure that your digital assets are safely stored at all times. Basically, when planning to set up a wallet, the first thing that you need to do is to download it or buy it if it is a hardware wallet.

When you feel the need to get the Wanchain wallet, being the official wallet for WAN tokens, after downloading, you simply just install the wallet into your device. In order to enable the wallet, make sure to navigate the system preferences and look for the “Security and Privacy” option. After proceeding to these steps, the Wanchain wallet will then launch and will start syncing the Wanchain code.

On the other hand, if you feel getting an offline and hardware wallet, you simply need to purchase one in stores to where it is sold. Just like when using the Ledger Nano S, all you need to do is to follow the steps on how to set up the device in order for you to start making your transactions.

Selecting the best Wanchain wallet will actually depend on certain factors like ease of use, compatibility, privacy feature, and a lot more. But, basically, it will always boil down to your need as the digital asset holder. It is important to choose a wallet that adheres to your need and will give you the ease of use anytime you make transactions.

Wanchain wallets may come in different forms, but it will always serve you with the same purpose and that is to safely store your WAN coins. When you finally decide on which wallet to choose, your Wanchain wallet is always a good to go on your every transaction.


Choosing the best Wanchain wallet is vital for you as a digital asset investor. Your wallet helps you manage your asset and other cryptocurrencies in this digital community. Therefore, make sure not to miss choosing the wallet that will serve you best.

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