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Best VeChain Wallets of 2019

In this fast-growing digital currency community, VeChain has become one of the innovative platforms that work aggressively in creating solutions as to the spread of fake products in the market. Moreover, apart from this movement, the VeChain has recently issued their so-called VEN token through the popular Ethereum sale.

Since its launching, the VEN token has spread out all throughout the market and also paved the way for the availability of the VeChain wallets and other storage options. Being an investor in this digital community, you have to have a secure means of keeping your digital assets. There are VeChain wallets to choose from and all you need to do is to pick out the best one that suits your need.

While all these available wallets vary in terms of functions and usability, taking some time to look into the important aspects in selecting an ideal VeChain wallet would help you save your head from trouble in picking one.

How to Store VeChain?

While VeChain promises to render a well-trusted service in the market, making use of these important wallets will also help investors to acquire transparent transactions and information in the market. The technology that has been used by VeChain simply aims to track transactions and items their shipping cycle. Hence, they always ensure that customers receive the best quality product support.

Meanwhile, it is also important for you to know how is VeChain being stored. Keeping and securing your VeChain only requires you to have a good and safe wallet. There are lots of options to choose from when it comes to keeping your digital assets. However, you only need to search into those wallets that are risk-free from thefts and any activities that may lead to fraudulent transactions.

When looking for a wallet, taking full control over your private keys is necessary. Wallets may come in a form of desktop or mobile variant, while others may also come in software and hardware ones. Above all these different wallets available in the market, make sure to look for storage that is also supported by the VeChain project so you can keep your VET tokens hassle-free.

Different Features of VeChain Wallet

Having known that the VeChain wallet is finally available in the market. It is as well important to consider the different features that this innovation can give you. Undoubtedly, this wallet has lauded the digital community as the surest and most reliable means in storing the VET tokens. These are among the features that you may enjoy in using a VeChain wallet.

  1. Robust Security Protection – Prior to its launching, the VeChain wallet went through a series of security tests which were really approved and manifested by third-party security firms. This heightened security protection includes source code review, smart contract, audit, management audit, and a lot more. Other features also include data encryption and packing protection. By all means, they wanted to ensure the safest transaction that wallet users will have to do.
  2. X Node Binding Service – This feature ensures that X Node participants will be able to transfer their X Node status from Ethereum wallet into a VeChain wallet. Through this X Node binding service, users will be able to earn their VET tokens easily.
  3. Cross-platform Crypto Asset Management – This feature ensures secure and safe transactions in all sorts of cryptocurrencies. This cross-platform thing allows users to swap their VET token to any other currencies safely. This feature is just among the reasons why getting a VeChain wallet today is a must!
  4. VTHO Rewards – The VeChain wallet is reportedly giving access to users to claim their VTHO rewards. Apparently, these rewards can be received in many other ways but it generally includes holding the VET token through an X node.

Best VeChain Wallet in 2019

As mentioned, several wallets are finally available in the market for purchase. Generally, there are some good wallets that are capable of storing VET tokens. Below is the good list of options that you can choose your wallet from.

#1. Ledger Nano S – This is a hardware wallet that is known for its best security feature. If you are looking for safe storage for your digital coins, this is apparently a good pick. The Ledger Nano S is among the best-selling wallets, especially if the security feature is your utmost concern. It is a small USB drive-sized device that is perfectly capable of storing about 700 different digital currencies. One of its best features includes multiple currency support, transparent display of transaction, encryption of accounts, and PIN code activation.

#2. VeChain Thor Wallet (Mobile Wallet) – Along with the release of the VET tokens, the released of this mobile wallet was also made possible. There are about 2 million people who carry their smartphones anywhere they go, and it is no surprise for the VeChain Foundation to choose for the release of their first mobile wallet.

#3. VeChain Thor Sync (Desktop Wallet) – This is another wallet from the VeChain Foundation that is intended for your computer use that works best for both Windows and OSX operation system. This wallet gives users access to the VeChain blockchain and right now, this wallet remains to be under a continues development and study.

#4. Atomic Wallet – This is another desktop wallet where you can store VET tokens on. This is also suitable for computers operating under Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu, and Fedora. Being a desktop wallet, private keys are still being encrypted before you can make transactions through your computer. This wallet is known for its ease of use. But, apparently, more available features will be added soon. Apart from keeping VET token, it also has the ability to add custom ERC-20 tokens to your wallet and trade your coins into other currencies.


Right now, there are definitely lots of VeChain wallets to choose from. Among those that are enlisted above are the solid choices to consider when you plan of getting one. Whether you prefer having a desktop or a mobile wallet, what matters is the fact that makes sure to choose the wallet that suits your needs.

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