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Best Tether Wallets and The Things to Look for Choosing One

The Tether, or also popularly known as the USDT, is one of the most renowned stable coins in the market today. This coin was highly-designed to give the users the best stability and flexibility of the blockchain technology. Perhaps, if you are among the investors of this crypto coin, it is very important to select the best Tether wallet for your need.

Having known that there are lots of hardware and software wallets available today, some of these wallets just simply won’t support the Tether tokens.  Despite this downside, it is very surprising that the Tether now landed its place among the top 10 coins in terms of market capitalization. This simply means that investors of the said token are growing every single day, making its value grow bigger and bigger at the same time.

Just recently, information was disseminated which informed the public regarding the launching of the official Tether wallet. Primarily, this is an ideal channel where users can convert their USD tokens into the real-world US dollars. Back in 2017 when the Tether was caught off a hacker attack, and since then, they decided to have an offline wallet for these tokens and even canceled all other new registrations online.

Important Factors When Selecting a Tether Wallet

Before getting started with your crypto asset investment, you have to make sure of getting the ideal wallet for your Tether token. With that regard, here are some of the most important points to consider in choosing one.

  1. Security – Apparently, this is one of the main factors to look into any kinds of wallet. Make sure to have a wallet that will secure not only your asset but as well as the transactions you make with your tokens. It is also important to look for wallets with private codes, and looking into a two-factor authentication is highly-advised.
  2. Cost – There are wallets which require the user costs of fees whenever transactions are made. In order to save your head from trouble, it would be better if you’ll become familiar with this feature that might incur your additional cost during the transaction.
  3. Private Keys – The two kinds of wallets include the hardware and software variants. In terms of private keys, make sure you know where your private keys are being stored. Some wallets will let you store your keys to your devices while others store the keys through the servers.
  4. User-friendly Interface – This is another important aspect to look for when buying a wallet. Make sure that it is easy for access especially for the beginners who haven’t have yet that complex knowledge about the blockchain technology.
  5. Device Compatibility – There are certain wallets that won’t generally work to all sorts of devices and computers. To save your time from fixing things, make sure that you’ll choose the wallet that works best for your phone or desktop.
  6. The Supported Coins – Not all wallets support the Tether. Hence, on top of it, you also need to look for a wallet that will not only support your USDT token but as well as with the other cryptocurrencies for an easier transaction.
  7. The ERC-20 Compatibility – In was in January 2018 when the USDT transitioned to the Ethereum blockchain. Hence, it would be best if you’ll also consider looking for the ERC-20 compatibility of a certain wallet.

The Best Tether (USDT) Wallets for 2019

#1. MyEtherWallet – The MEW, being known as an online wallet, is a variant wherein you can simply store to your device locally. By doing so, you can have access to your funds easily. Accordingly, this MEW is one of the most secured wallets available in the market today which supports the ERC-20 for USDT.

Despite the fact that it requires you an internet connection to make your transactions, it is still safe as it won’t store your private keys into the online server. It is very easy and free to use as it won’t require users to provide their personal information. Hence, you can create as many wallets online as you wish to have.

#2. Ledger Nano S – Best Tether Hardware Wallet – Having known as the most secured hardware wallet, the Ledger Nano S is also known as being the best Tether wallet of the year. This wallet is very safe for your every transaction since private keys will only be stored offline. Upon setting up, you will be required to set up a PIN, which you will subsequently provide anytime that you make fund transfer.

In terms of cost, it has a very reasonable price of around $100 and the can support around 700 different crypto coins in the market. When using this wallet, make sure that your USDT token must be in a form of ERC-20 in order to be supported.

#3. OmniWallet (Best Online Tether Wallet) – This is an Omni-layer USDT wallet that was ever known to first support the Tether. Basically, this is an online wallet where users have control over their private keys. It also has a two-factor authentication feature which is additional security for your every transaction. Apart from supporting Tether tokens, this wallet also supports other currencies like the Bitcoins. However, with the transitioned made by USDT to Ethereum, make sure that your token must be in an ERC-20 standard in order to be supported in this wallet.

Tips in Securely Storing in a Tether Wallet

A digital wallet is a place where you can store, send, and receive transactions in the digital currencies’ world. Perhaps, being an investor, it is important for you to secure your digital assets very well. One of the best tips to follow in enhancing this security is to be able to pick the most reliable wallet in the market today. Make sure to consider the important factors mentioned above to save your head from trouble on which one you should use.


The Tether is just one of the many stable coins in the market which offer a very unique service to the users. The fundamental reason why selecting the best wallet is important is to protect yourself from fraudulent transactions as well as online theft and hackers. Hopefully, the list of wallets mentioned above will help you find the best Tether wallet for your needs.

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