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Best Siacoin Wallet

The Siacoin is one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the digital industry that powers the Sia network. Basically, the Sia network is a decentralized cloud storage system that allows anyone to rent out a spare of hard drive space or to utilize other people’s space in order to store files.

If you are one of the avid digital asset investors, then, you already have a certain level of knowledge when it comes to the Siacoin. This digital asset provides an open-source and a low-cost solution for the cloud storage and the distribution of files chosen for storage by certain users.

As of this writing, the Siacoin is the leading decentralized cloud storage as it requires no sign-ups, no servers, and no trusted third party at the same time. It has been able to leverage in the blockchain technology while it allows users to create data storage that is more affordable and robust compared to the other.

Important Features of the Siacoin Wallet

In order to safely keep your Siacoin, getting to know about the best Siacoin wallets in the market today would be of great benefit for you. Basically, when looking for the wallet that is of a perfect match for your need, you have to consider certain features which will make your transaction easier and smoother.

In order to get started, you can visit the SIA official website and get to some level of knowledge as to the different features of the best Siacoin wallet. Meanwhile, you can also check the list below and gain some insights as to the important features to look for a wallet for your Siacoin.

#1 Sia Seed – This is one of the most important features to look for a Siacoin wallet. It is important to get access to your Sia seed as it is your key to have full control over your Siacoin balance. On the other hand, the seed is also your key to your future files as well. Therefore, for you to have the safest transaction with your Siacoin wallet, make sure to get access to your most important seed.

#2 Back up – Another thing to look into a wallet is its back feature. In order to keep your digital assets safe at all cost, you need to have a backup of it all the time. In selecting a wallet, a backup is important in order to gain access over it especially when certain situations arise that you lose your wallet. If there is one of the most important features to consider, the backup of your wallet is deemed important.

#3 Easy-to-use UI – If you are still new in the digital market, then, basically, you are still a beginner in terms of the different digital assets and digital wallets available in the market today. Hence, in choosing a wallet, make sure to look for a wallet that is easy to use and of which will give you the easiest access. A simple user interface is important in order for you to have an easy and smooth transaction. Meanwhile, wallets with the simplest UI are also highly-recommended for beginner investors like you.

#4 Privacy Key – One of the main reasons why investors use a digital wallet is for them to store their digital assets safely. Hence, a private key is another feature that is very important when selecting the Siacoin wallet. Most of the time, private keys are made available in order for users to have full control over their digital assets. Not all wallets have the so-called private keys. Therefore, make sure to select the kind of wallet that is more secure than others.

#5 Compatibility – In order to ensure that making transactions will be easier for you as investors, you have to select the wallet wherein compatibility is never an issue. Digital wallets come in different forms and thus, make sure to look for the wallet that adheres to your need and to the kind of device that you use at the same time.

Best Siacoin Wallets Known for 2019

As of this writing, numbers of digital wallets are already made available in the market. However, if you are looking for the wallet for your Siacoin storage. There are only four best wallets to choose from. Take a look at the list below and be able to compare and choose the best Siacoin wallet that you deserve.

#1 Ledger Nano S – If you are looking for the most popular hardware wallet in the digital industry, then, you can never go wrong with this as your choice. This has been known as the best-performed wallet ever existed in the digital community which is known to support lots of digital coins and is enabled to store the private key into a separate device. This wallet is preferable by most of the investors since it is too far for the hackers and theft to get access to your stored digital assets. Its private keys will remain secure since the device is not connected to the internet. By then, the safety and security of the digital assets will never be compromised. Read more about Ledger here!

#2 Sia.UI – This one of the best Siacoin wallets online and is known as the official application made by the Nebulous, the developers of the Sia Storage Platform. This wallet best works for desktops which operate under the Mac Linux and Windows systems. Apart from that, the Sia.UI also works best to users who are using the iOS device.

#3 Sia Cold Storage – This is another platform that generates the seed and a collection of addresses for the Sia wallet. This wallet is used mostly by most of the Siacoin users; however, it hasn’t been officially endorsed by the Siacoin team.

#4 Sia Wallet Android – This wallet works best for the Android users and is among the top Siacoin wallets this year. Through this wallet, sending and receiving Siacoin is possible and you can also opt to store your files through the Sia network.


Whatever the kind of wallet you want to choose, make sure to choose the wallet which can offer you with the best and secured feature. Nowadays, to store your digital asset is no longer a thing to worry about if you are able to choose the right kind of wallet that must adhere to your need.

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