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Best Ripple Desktop Wallets

If you are concerned as to where you can keep your digital assets, then, getting yourself some level of knowledge about the best desktop ripple wallets will help you do and decide for the right thing. Being a responsible Ripple investor and holder, it is always important to keep your token safe at all costs. Hence, to find the best and most secured wallet can either be difficult or easy if you follow certain guides when you do it. Ripple wallets that work for desktop come in many forms. However, you just need to adhere to the kind of wallet that suits your need best.

When looking for an ideal desktop ripple wallet, there might be some key points that you should consider. Make sure to decide whether it is the right time for you to store and keep your Ripple tokens now or not. There might be multiple options that you can choose from, but always keep in mind that choosing a digital wallet is your key for you to be able to keep your digital assets secured all the time.

Important Features to Look for a Desktop Ripple Wallet

Basically, there are different ways where you can store your Ripple tokens through a Ripple wallet. These wallets come in a hardware form, an online wallet, a paper wallet, and the last one, the desktop wallet. Having all these forms being mentioned, most of the time, Ripple investors prefer working and storing their tokens with the desktop wallet.

Hence, in selecting the best desktop ripple wallet, there are important things that you have to consider. These factors will keep you in control of your asset and as well as to get avoided the chances of being scammed in the future.

#1 Private Keys – It is one of the necessary factors that you have to look into a desktop ripple wallet. Your private keys give you full control and access to your stored crypto assets. Therefore, as an investor, it is important to always keep your private keys safe and secure. If you will loss these keys, then, basically, you are also losing access to your digital assets. Don’t get tricked by scammers and thefts, and make sure to take hold of your private keys securely.

#2 The User Experience – It is important to take a look into the user experience of your desktop ripple wallet. If you are a beginner, then it would be best to choose a wallet that’s easier to navigate and use at the same time. In most cases, the easier the use of your desktop wallet, the better it is to you to understand its proper uses and functions.

#3 The Development Community – When choosing for a desktop ripple wallet, make sure that it has an always-on-the-go development community. Make sure to always research for the best choice of wallet since this community will help you a lot especially when certain concerns arise with your transaction. make sure to go with a desktop ripple wallet that has an evident team of developers since a good reputation is always important in the digital space.

#4 Back up Ability – To have a good back up for your crypto assets is always important. Without having a back up feature, loosing your access to it also means losing your digital asset. It is too risky for an investor to choose a desktop ripple wallet with no back up at all. Therefore, in selecting your wallet, make sure to take this aspect as one of the most important bases for your selection.

Best Desktop Ripple Wallet of 2019

Ripple is one of the emerging digital currencies in the market today. Being an investor of the said token, you only have one aim, and that is to securely keep your token in the best desktop wallet possible. Below is the list of the best desktop ripple wallets this year that you might consider getting a pick.

#1 Atomic Wallet – This is one of the most favorable and notable desktop wallets that supports the ripple digital currency. It is known to give users access to their Ripple tokens and be able to store it securely in the best way possible. It has been learned that Atomic wallet will not only let investors store their assets, but at the same time, they can also exchange their token through a built-in exchange engine that has been powered by Changelly. All you need to do is to purchase the XRP with a bank card. This wallet is best for the beginners since all its features are being provided through an easy-to-use interface. This simply means that you can have full control with your funds and your private keys are just encrypted directly to your device. This desktop ripple wallet is available for Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu, and the Debian operating systems. Download it here!

#2 Rippex – It is another desktop wallet and has known to be in an experimental open source form. This wallet is believed to be downloadable directly to your desktop and it supports those operating systems under Windows, OSX, and the Linux. In this case, your private keys are simply kept directly to your computer and is believed to be safe compared to those web wallets. One of the best features of the Rippex is that it has no limit as to with the amount of Ripple token that you can opt to send and receive.


Desktop ripple wallets are far different from the rest of the wallets in the digital community. There are lots of digital wallets for investors to choose from, however, it is up to the user to do some extra research as to the best wallet that will give them the best satisfaction. Choosing the right kind of desktop ripple wallet is important to keeping your funds secure and safe. May this guide give you some insights about the things that you need to learn and understand about the Ripple token and as well as with the best desktop ripple wallet that you can choose to have a pick for this year.

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