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Best Proof of Stake Coins

Over the years, the Proof of Stake Coins is gaining popularity in the crypto community. If you are one of those who are looking for the best PoS coins, then, looking for the best coin with the good return of the investment must be your topmost concern. As defined, the Proof of Stake coins allows a person to mine or validate block transactions depending on how much of a coin a person holds. This simply means that the more coins a person holds, the more mining power and ability he or she has.

Apparently, there are various ways to make money and earn in the cryptocurrency business. One of the most common ways is through the trading of the digital coins in the crypto space. While it is true that Proof of Stake coins are becoming popular every now and then, more and more investors and coin holders are finally looking for ways to earn passive income.

Top Proof of Stake Coins in 2019

Here are some of the best Proof of Stake Coins to own to ensure a good return of investment without having to sell your current holdings. However, you have to take note that your actual returns will still vary based on certain factors. Nonetheless, if you feel the need to start, you can never go wrong with these digital coins below.

#1 NavCoin

This cryptocurrency was forked from the Bitcoin back in 2014. It was also known as one of the early crypto coins which fully adopted the Proof of Stake model and has remained a reliable source of passive income ever since it existed. When planning to hold a Nav, the only thing you need to have is a Core Wallet where you can drop your holdings and be able to start earning right away. Meanwhile, you have to make sure that your computer is connected online at all times to ensure maximum results. NavCoin has created a good history in the crypto community and perhaps, this is one of the best picks when looking for a reliable PoS coin this year.

#2 Lisk

This is another platform that allows developers to create decentralized applications. This Proof of Stake coin shares a lot of similarities with that of the Ethereum. It has been learned that Lisk is using the so-called Delegated Proof of Stake system that is somewhat different from the standard PoS. Staking using this platform is also best done using the Lisk Nano Wallet. Although it takes a little more complicated process, nevertheless, you can still read some guides through the EarnLisk before starting to dive in.

#3 NEO

This is another solid choice when it comes to staking. NEO is known for using the GAS token in paying all transactions as a block reward. Meanwhile, a GAS fee is charged whenever someone creates a certain asset into the NEO blockchain. Nevertheless, the GAS pays for each transaction and will then be distributed to the NEO stakers equally. With the simple logic, the more NEO you have at staking, the more GAS you earn from each payment made. This PoS coin can be staked into any storage wallet. However, it would still be better if you’ll be using an official NEO wallet in keeping NEO in cold storage.

#4 ARK

This ARK is not just a simple digital asset but it is considered an entire ecosystem. This project aims to provide the fastest and more scalable service no matter what platform an investor utilizes. This simply means that ARK has made no competitors, instead, they aim to make partners. Just like the Lisk, this platform also uses the Proof of Stake system. One of the best benefits of using ARK in creating a passive income is that it has the ability to earn even without leaving your wallet to be always online and connected on the internet. You just simply send your votes and earn your stake. Meanwhile, you can also opt to store ARK to any hardware wallet just like the Ledger Nano S and vote directly from the hardware device that you use.

#5 Reddcoin

This is a known social currency which aims to simplify digital transactions in the crypto space. It has the so-called micropayments that have been integrated into the social networks in order to give access for instant tipping for certain valuable contents. Staking Reddcoin is pretty-much considered upfront since you only need to download the Reddcoin Core Wallet to any of your desktop computers. Once your coin has matured for about eight hours, your staking can simply begin.

This simple list above is just among the Proof of Stake coins that are worth your time investing in. Apparently, there are still countless of these coins and more and more projects will then be open soon. Like any other form of investing, staking is another form of gambling. There is a risk and you have to be willing to condition your mind that certain risk might happen anytime. However, always make sure to do some research before you start staking.

Choosing a PoS Investment Coin

When looking for the best Proof of Stake coins for investment, it is just as simple as looking for a coin with the best actual returns to ensure earning a passive income. You have to ensure that your investment must take a long-term period to ensure a good amount of success.

Finding the best PoS coin might largely depend on your personal taste and need. Some investors vary according to their trading habits, risk appetite, and excess funds. Thus, when it comes to staking, the more research you do, the better it is for you. Always choose the coin which you believe will give you promising returns despite starting small.


With all the details mentioned above, always remember that staking is definitely a risky business. No one holds the crypto market as it may crash, gain again, or worse is, it can be wiped out and lose the value of your coin. Nonetheless, you always need to go on and never be afraid to do the staking at all cost. There are certainly lots of opportunities that your PoS coin can do for you.

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