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Best Litecoin Wallet

In the emerging world of digital currencies, the Litecoin is one of the fastest growing digital assets since it was launched back in 2011. The Litecoin is an open-source, and a peer-to-peer digital asset that offers lower transaction fees compared to the others. More than that, this digital asset is known for its fast and reliable processing times compared to the popular Bitcoin.

If you are thinking of buying a Litecoin and would want to keep it for a longer period of time, the need for a Litecoin wallet should be your utmost concern. You need to find a secure and safe wallet where you can store your assets anytime and anywhere. The use of Litecoin wallet is deemed important for asset holders as this allow them to store, send, and receive transaction from other platforms.

However, while there is a continuous advancement in the digital space community, it is inevitable for these digital wallets to have grown in numbers at the same time. Hence, you need to have thorough research and get a certain level of knowledge in order for you to get the best Litecoin wallet for your digital assets.

Top and Best Litecoin Wallets for 2019

When looking for the best wallet for your Litecoin asset, you have to consider important factors and characteristics. The wallet has to be secured and active for each transaction you are going to make. Moreover, it needs to have a backup feature and must be compatible with the device you are currently using. With that, consider the list of wallets below that you can consider picking for as these are the best Litecoin wallets for this year 2019.

#1 Ledger Nano S – If you are looking for a premium and a most secured hardware wallet, then you can never go wrong if you choose to have the Ledger Nano S. Storing numbers of Litecoin for a longer period of time is very much advice to be done with this hardware wallet. The Ledger Nano S has a two-way factor authentication and users will have full control over their private keys. Meanwhile, it also has an OLED screen, a backup feature in a form of seed, and a pin code feature for an added security. To send, receive, and store your Litecoin assets with this wallet is very possible.

#2 Trezor – This is another hardware wallet that comes next after the Ledger Nano S. This wallet supports multi-currencies and that basically includes the Litecoin token. Just the same with the Ledger Nano S, this wallet also has an OLED screen which randomly shows the generated pin code and 24-word recovery seed should there be a need for your wallet to be backed up and recovered. Read more about Trezor!

#3 Free Wallet – This is another variant of wallet since this function as an online wallet for the Litecoin. One of the best things about the Free wallet is the fact that it offers free transaction to its users. Furthermore, users can opt to buy cryptocurrencies with the use of a credit card. This Free wallet is available for download for the smartphone devices and is compatible for use for both iOS and Android users.

#4 Jaxx – This wallet is relatively one of the newest crypto wallets ever existed in the digital market today. This is also a multi-chain type of wallet that supports up to almost seven digital assets including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, and the Ethereum Classic. The Jaxx wallet also gives users full control over their assets and it is highly accessible to both desktop and mobile devices.

#5 Exodus – This is considered as one of the best Litecoin wallets for desktop users. While it has been known to store about three down of different cryptocurrencies, the Exodus wallet is known as the best storage for the Litecoin. This wallet is known for its simple yet very good user interface and is highly recommended even for the beginner investors like you.

#6 LiteVault – It is a Litecoin web wallet that is known for being fast and easy to use in every transaction you make. It offers a free sign up process that will only take you for about 10 seconds to complete. It also has a private key feature; however, the LiteVault wallet doesn’t support any other currency apart from the Litecoin.

Understanding the Features of the Litecoin Wallets

Whether you are just starting or an expert in the digital assets’ community, you have to consider certain features that you should look for in selecting the best Litecoin wallet for your digital assets. Consider the important points below.

#1 The wallet has to have a user-friendly interface that is easier to use and to access. You have to avoid complicated and confusing types of a wallet as it may also affect your day to day transactions with your crypto assets.

#2 The wallet has to have the best security feature in order to assure the safety of your assets being stored. Make sure to look for a wallet which will despise your digital assets from being hacked and or being controlled by theft. It is preferable to use a digital wallet with a two-way factor authentication and a wallet that allows you to have full control with your private keys.

#3 The wallet has to have a backup facility feature. It is important to look for a backup feature for it to be easy for you to restore your wallet once the need arises or should there be something going wrong with your transaction.

#4 Look for a wallet with the best support system. Whenever you encounter problems with your digital wallet, it will be quick and easier for you to access their customer support. This is also to spare your head from trouble especially if you are still a newbie in the world of digital currencies.


Litecoin wallets come in various forms and most of them offer distinct features. Being an investor, make sure to choose a wallet that has to meet your need and the wallet that will adhere to the kind of transaction that you will pursue in the long years to come.

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