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Best Icon Wallets for 2019 and its Best Features

The ICON is one of the decentralized platforms in the blockchain technology. With the use of it, every single blockchain allows you to communicate with the other, just like how modern devices are making communications a lot easier today.

As the digital community evolves continuously, it is good to know that ICON wallets are finally available in the market today. Apparently, you will have a tight pick as to which wallet to select since these wallets come in different forms and variants.

However, being a digital currency investor, selecting the best ICON wallet that suits your need is really necessary. To save your head from trouble, there are certain aspects that you must look into a wallet to consider that it is the best one.

With the ICON’s plan to be hyper-connected to the world, they have built different and massive decentralized networks that will allow different blockchains to interact with one another. To this end, a good wallet is also important to continue making transactions moving forward.

Factors to Consider in Choosing an ICON Wallet

These are some of the best factors to consider that will help you make an educated decision as to which ICON wallet to choose. Take a quick look with each factor and get the best wallet for your need.

  1. Security – When choosing for a wallet, security is indeed one of the best factors to consider. As you try to keep and store your digital assets in a wallet, keeping them secure at all times is important. Further, you also need to look for security features which have two-factor authentication. By all means, you can be sure that every transaction is kept private from theft and fraudulent transactions.
  2. Cost – It is also important to learn about the fees that a certain wallet will require. There are some kinds of wallets which require no charges while others may also have hidden charges. Hence, taking this into account is important to save your head from trouble by paying extra and hidden charges.
  3. Private Keys – There are certain wallets which store private keys offline and online. With that, you need to become familiar with the wallet you pick as these keys are also important in keeping your transaction safe and private. Software and hardware wallets may vary from this aspect accordingly.
  4. Supported Coins – If you are an investor who needs to have a wallet that supports a variety of coins, then makes sure to take into account this kind of wallet feature. Some wallets may support to more than 500 coins while other kinds support only a limited number of cryptocurrencies.
  5. Device Compatibility – On top of all other factors to look for in a wallet, the compatibility aspect is also more important. You need to consider whether or not it perfectly works for your mobile or desktop computers to ensure that transaction will continue pretty well. Some wallets may require a specific operating system; and hence, you have to choose the one that best works for your need.
  6. Ease of Use – Looking for the most convenient means of doing your transactions is another thing to look for when buying an ICON wallet. Some investors will look for an easy transaction and how fast one can send or receive payments all at once. Thus, make sure to consider this aspect as well when buying a wallet for your coins.

Best ICON Wallets of 2019 and Its Features

If you are looking for the best ICON wallet to store your coins with, look no further as here are the best reviews for wallets that will help you decide on which one to pick.

  1. ICONex (The Best Web Wallet for ICON) – The ICONex is the official wallet that was made for the ICON. Similar to other web wallets, this one is also a Chrome extension that can be easily installed and be accessed by a user.

When using this wallet, you will be provided by a Keystore or your wallet backup file which allows you to keep ICON tokens safely. Meanwhile, this also gives you a private key which gives you full control of your tokens. Having known for its best security measure, the ICONex allows you to set up a 6-digit PIN code that you just need to enter every time you use your wallet for transactions. One of the best points about this wallet offers is its user-friendly interface. This means that you only need to become familiar with fewer tabs and this already provides all the necessary features that you need.

  1. Trust (The Best Mobile Wallet for ICON) – While web wallets are making names in the market today, mobile wallets are also among the top picks when choosing for a wallet. Having officially launched in the market last year, the Trust mobile wallet is known to store tokens which are ERC20 and ERC223 compatible, as well as the ICON tokens.

This wallet is very easy to use as it also has a user-friendly interface. This app provides users the access to the token storage, settings, and a built-in dapp browser. Further, Trust can also store your private keys locally and will protect the safety of your transaction at all costs. This application has been tested by several security firms and they concluded that your digital assets are safe to be stored in this wallet.

  1. Ledger Nano S – It has been widely agreed that this wallet is one of the safest wallets to store your assets with. Your assets are entirely offline and won’t be accessible to any hackers since this device will only be connected into another device for it to work. Apart from its best security features, the Ledger Nano S is widely known for storing different kinds of crypto coins and that includes the ICX. Without a doubt, this device is much safer than any other wallet available in the market today.


With this list of updated ICON wallets, you need not go further in looking for the best ICON wallet for your tokens. Each wallet has its own features. The only thing that matters is to select the kind that suits your kind of need.

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