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The Best Holo Wallets

Holo was formed back in many years with the main objective to create a hosting space for the social applications that will be hosted outside the centralized internet through a peer to peer infrastructure. Apparently, the Holo acts as a mere bridge between the distributed Holochain apps into the current centralized web.

The Holo is said to run on the Holochain, which is a next generation framework that is known to be massively scalable, extremely faster and more energy efficient compared to the others. Further, this Holochain is also believed as the cheaper you can have in the digital market.

The Holo is said to be an ERC20 token that allows users to host various distributed applications on their computers. One of the good things about this is the fact that users can host these apps without having the need for any special hardware requirements.

Hence, if you are one of the emerging investors and users of the Holo token, it is the high time for you to learn about the best place to store your digital assets. With the several digital wallets made available in the market today, you get to choose the ideal wallet that suits best to your digital needs.

What to Look into a Digital Wallet for Holo Token?

Digital wallets are developed and launched today in order to have the safest and most secured storage for all the digital assets emerging today. With that regard, you have to be aware of the best wallets that will serve you best. Basically, there are important factors to consider before picking one.

Important aspects must be taken a look in every digital wallet in order to ensure that your digital assets are safe while you store them inside. Basically, there are lots of questions raised by beginner investors to the digital market enthusiasts. Check out below the things to consider in selecting the digital wallet for you Holo token.

#1 Security Feature – Always look for the wallet with the best security feature. Basically, it is always true that the main aim of having a digital wallet is to safely keep your assets for a long period of time. Therefore, make sure to consider the security feature as the most important factor in selecting a digital wallet. Some wallets have a so-called two-way factor authentication which is considered as the best option you must have. Meanwhile, you can also look for a wallet which offers the use of a private key and a PIN code at the same time. By then, you can be sure that your assets are safe from frauds and theft at all time.

#2 Ease of Use – Different digital wallets also come with different features and interface. Perhaps, being an investor and user of particular blockchain, you have to go into a wallet which has the most convenient interface. The digital wallet’s user interface will somehow affect the way you use it. Thus, as much as possible, always look for a wallet with the simplest and easiest UI to manipulate.

#3 Compatibility – This is another important thing to consider in selecting a digital wallet. As much as possible, get to know the devices that are compatible with the wallet you choose. Not all wallets work for all sorts of devices. Some wallets are only good for smartphones that are powered by iOS and Android. On the other hand, some wallets only work for online and desktop use.

#4 Transaction Charge – Some wallets, if not all, requires users for a transaction fee whenever a certain transaction is made. Basically, make sure to look for a wallet which has a lesser and cheaper transaction cost. Make sure that choosing the wallet which only charges you with the right amount of fee must always be one of your bases in choosing storage for your digital asset.

Best Holo Wallets for this Year

Take a look at the updated and best Holo wallets for the year 2019. See the details and make sure to only choose the best crypto wallets for your digital assets.

#1 MetaMask – This is barely considered as one of the best Holo wallets to choose this year. It is believed that the MetaMask enables users to run the Ethereum dApps right in the browser even without running the full Ethereum node. Meanwhile, while it is true that the MetaMask is a web browser plug-in, then, it is good to know that it works best with Google, Firefox, and Opera browsers.

#2 MyEtherWallet – This is another open source tool in creating a wallet that works best for the Ethereum platform. Despite having known that creating wallet anytime with this is possible, the MyEtherWallet is still not considered as an online wallet. Nevertheless, it is still considered as a good crypto wallet for your Holo tokens.

#3 Enjin Wallet – This by far considered as one of the most incredible wallets in the crypto community that supports multiple assets like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and the ERC20 tokens like Holo. It has a secure keyboard and a two encryption that turns the mobile wallet like how a hardware wallet function. It is also known that the Enjin is an HD wallet that provides users with the best and maximum amount of protection for your assets from threats of thefts.

#4 imToken – It is another secure, convenient and digital wallet for your Holo token. Apparently, this wallet supports multi-tokens, dApps, HDwallet, and transaction push notification all at once. Meanwhile, this wallet can also store multiple currencies including Ethereum, Bitcoin, and all ERC20 tokens including the Holo.

#5 Trust Wallet – This wallet is designed to simply give the most convenient experience to the users. It allows users to send and receive Holo token more conveniently on the Ethereum blockchain. Meanwhile, it also allows users to store their own private keys on their device. This means that they can have full control over their stored assets. Further, the trust wallet also has the backup facility that ensures you of a speedy recovery of your information should the need arise.


These are some of the helpful information to consider that will help you decide on which Holo wallet to choose. Despite all the options you have, always choose the wallet that will give you the best user experience.

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