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Best Ethereum Wallets for Android

Ethereum is one of the most popular digital coins known in the market today. It has been learned that this digital asset landed as the second largest cryptocurrency to date in terms of market capitalization. This simply means that over the years since Ethereum was launched, its investors are also growing by and by.

The Ethereum was created by Vitalik Buterin, a known personality in the crypto community. Just like any other digital coins, Ethereum was created as an open source software that will work best with any decentralized network. Other than that, it also has a smart contract functionality feature.

While it is true that Ethereum has become bigger and bigger as the years go by, this digital coin has two primary functions that include; keeping certain things to run smoothly through the mining nodes and secondly, it pays people under the smart contract functionality platform.

If you are one of the Ethereum investors, you have known the fact that more and more people are finally investing in the ETH. With this regard, it is also important to increase your knowledge with the different and best Ethereum wallets for android to keep your digital assets safe and secure at all times.

Updated Ethereum Wallets for Android

To save your head from trouble, check out the list below and get informed about the best and updated Ethereum wallets for Android that is made available in the market this year.

  1. Guarda – This wallet is notably known as the top Ethereum wallet for Android users. Apart from that, this is the first multi cryptocurrency wallet that is capable of holding and storing any other digital currencies apart from the ETH. The Guarda supports the most popular coins in the market that include Zcash, BTC, ETH, Ripple, and Dash. Unlike any other kinds of a digital wallet, this Guarda doesn’t store any client information on its database. On the other hand, its private key is simply stored on the device’s secure memory and will just automatically delete itself once the user logs out from the Android wallet. Further, this wallet will allow investors to shift their crypto assets from one coin to another without having the hassle of registration and any complex verification processes.
  2. Coinbase – This is another Android wallet that works best with Ethereum. If you are looking for safe storage of your digital coin, this Coinbase is also an option to choose from. It offers an extra security feature through the so-called multi-signature vault. This means that this wallet holds most of its digital assets in cold storage in order to have more and added security. Whenever fraudulent transactions and hackers hit your wallet, you can be sure that your digital currencies are safe and insured and all investors are eligible for full compensation.
  3. Jaxx Wallet – This is another outstanding wallet known for its multi-asset feature. This means that Jaxx supports different kind of digital currencies including the Ethereum. One of its edges is its very simple and user-friendly interface. Aside from the fact that this wallet works for Android users, the Jaxx also works well with desktop and iOS mobile users. Jaxx is also known for its enhanced security feature such as the seed keys, a setup PIN, and private keys are not stored on the device. Apart from that, Jaxx is known for having an innovative development community for its users. With its simple interface, doing transactions with your ETH is also done very easily.
  4. Coinbase Mobile Wallet – This wallet is another version of the Coinbase. It is a very mobile wallet for Android users and who are also Ethereum coin investors. When it comes to sending, receiving, and trading the ETH, this wallet assures you of its best security feature. It also has an easy and simple interface that is best for any sorts of transaction.
  5. BRD Wallet – It is another wallet that is compatible with the Android users that keeps Ethereum at the same time. Originally, the BRD wallet only supports the Bitcoin. But over the period of time, their interface has recently added the ETH to their supported digital currencies. It is very easy to use and set up and you can immediately make transactions in no time.

How to Select the Best Ethereum Wallets for Android

Whenever looking for an Ethereum wallet for android, there are certain features and factors that you need to take into account. Consider the list below as a suggested feature to consider when choosing a wallet for your digital coin storage.

  1. Security – The best digital currency wallet should always provide full security to the users and to the assets stored. This means that digital assets should not have any exposure to any human errors, particularly hackers and any fraudulent transactions.
  2. User Interface – It is also best to select a wallet with the simplest user-interface. The simpler the wallet is, the easier it is for the users to use them. Apart from that, a simple interface allows users to make transactions fast and easy.
  3. Private Keys – Always look for an Android wallet that provides a private key. This is to make sure that no one is allowed to access your digital asset without having your secure private keys.
  4. Development community – Any wallet with a development community has an edge over the others. It should be an open source and must have an active development community for the users.
  5. Backup Feature – A wallet must always have a backup facility that stores all information and important data.


Your choice of Ethereum Android wallet must always depend on your current circumstance and need. Each wallet has its own downside. Nevertheless, you will always have the ETH wallet that will adhere to your need all the time. If you are a long-term Ethereum holder, then, it is also best for you to pick for a wallet that will also be your partner for a long time in order to make all transactions easy and better for you.

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