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Best Dogecoin Wallets

Dogecoin is one of the commonly known decentralized and peer-to-peer digital currency that is evolving in the market today. This digital asset enables users and investors to easily send money online. Most of the users have known the Dogecoin as the “internet currency.”

While it is known that the Dogecoin was launched as a memecoin, the said digital currency has still captivated the crypto community and this becomes one of the reasons that it was able to maintain its high ranking in terms of market capitalization.

If you have decided to join the trend and also become one of the users and investors of a Dogecoin, then, perhaps you need some safe storage and other secure ways where you store your digital assets for a long time.

As of this writing, there are now lots of Dogecoin wallets to choose from. These wallets come in different features and styles. All you need to do is to carefully pick up the wallet which has the best feature that will adhere to your need. As often as possible, make sure to consider certain criteria in selecting the best Dogecoin wallet.

What to Look for a Dogecoin Wallet?

Before we dig into the different and updated Dogecoin wallets available today, you have to consider certain factors as your guide in choosing your wallet. Investors are trying to base their selection into some important features just like as follows;

#1 Security – It is always best to look for a wallet with the best security. As an investor in the digital community, you have to think ahead that thefts and hackers might have access to your digital assets. Hence, in order to avoid such instances to happen, make sure to look into a wallet which has the best security factor as you store your digital assets. There are wallets having a two-way factor authentication, private keys, and a backup seed. Apparently, these features are important to make sure that your assets are safe while you store them into your digital wallet.

#2 User-friendly Interface – This is the next important factor to consider when selecting a wallet for your Dogecoin. As much as possible, try to look for a wallet where you can have ease of use. It is also advised for the beginners to choose a wallet having the simplest form of the user interface. This is to make sure that users will have the best user experience, especially during times that you are going to make your currency transaction.

#3 Development Support – It is also important to choose a wallet having an active community and development support. Should there be instances that problems arise with your wallet usage, then, most probably, you will be able to address the solution in no time with the help of customer support. Customer support is also important especially for those investors and users that are still new and beginners in the cryptocurrency field.

#4 Compatibility – Digital wallets come in various forms. Therefore, make sure to choose a wallet that is compatible with the kind of device you use. As much as possible, get to know the compatibility feature of a certain wallet before choosing one. Some wallets work best on the desktop while others are only good for mobile devices like Android and iOS.

Best Dogecoin Wallet for 2019

#1 Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet – This is basically one of the highly-recommended wallets for your Dogecoin storage. This hardware wallet is known as the safest and most secured one for your digital asset storage. It looks like a small USB device that can be used through manual verification. Aside from that, the Ledger Nano S has secure PIN storage for your private keys and can easily be backed up and restored. This wallet doesn’t only store the Dogecoin but it supports about 700 digital currencies available in the market today.

#2 Trezor One Hardware Wallet – This is another hardware wallet that is best for Dogecoin storage. Just like the Ledger Nano S, this wallet also supports around 700 cryptocurrencies and that includes the Dogecoin. It also has a private key feature that keeps your device safe from hackers. Read more about Trezor here!

#3 Official Dogecoin Wallet – This is known as the official wallet for the Dogecoin that can be used by means of a desktop. The desktop version of this wallet is available for operating systems under Windows, OSX, and Linux. One of the best things about this wallet is the fact that it is very easy to set up and you will find its interface extremely easy to understand and navigate.

#4 Dogecoin Wallet – This is an online wallet that is highly advised for the Dogecoin users. If you are among those users who prefer an online wallet, then, this is basically the right choice. This wallet is known to encrypt everything and your information is said to be stored in the cloud and not basically on the servers. If you are a frequent traveler, then this wallet basically works for you since you can have access to your wallet from various locations.

#5 Jaxx Wallet – This is a multi-coin wallet that works for both desktop and mobile devices. If you are looking for another secure wallet for Dogecoin storage, then, this is one of the best picks you shouldn’t miss. Apparently, the Jaxx can store around 85 kinds of digital assets and that includes the Dogecoin. Having launched back in 2014, the Jaxx wallet has been downloaded for quite a million times by users around the globe. Furthermore, this wallet has been the top choice of cryptocurrency enthusiasts as it widely stores digital coins that are both accessible in a desktop and mobile version.

#6 Dogechain Paper Wallet – This is one of the most popular wallets ever existed in the market today. It has been advised that if you use a paper wallet, you should be using it offline. You can simply download the website files and just generate the wallet manually offline.


With this different Dogecoin wallet available in the market today, it will always come down to your own personal preference and need as to which one you will pick. Always remember that as you store your digital assets, security should be your topmost concern.

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