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Best Dash Wallets of 2019 – Safely Storing Your Dash Coin

If you are among the emerging investors of digital currency today, most probably, you are also aware of the varieties of hardware and software wallets that are used to store digital assets. Among the many crypto assets of this generation includes bitcoins, Ethereum, and of course, the dash. These digital coins are just among the digital currencies that have proven themselves in the market.

One of the trending wallets to store coins in 2019 is the dash wallets. Apparently, just like any other variants of wallets, dash wallet also comes in several kinds. As experts would say, there are emerging dash wallets that are bound to make names this year.

Dash, while considered as almost similar to bitcoin, is known to have more advanced and decentralized features, especially when it comes to the privacy and the security of transactions. Having known all these benefits from the dash, there is no way for investors to have such coin as part of their investments. Perhaps, the next thing to consider is where to probably keep their digital coins safe as their transaction continues.

Updated and Best Dash Wallets for 2019

While dash is known for being an advanced version of the bitcoin, to keep and to store it safely is still very important to the investors. As it advocates a peer-to-peer decentralized digital currency, it is also considered as an open source where all transaction fees are almost no longer necessary.

Right now, experts revealed that there are updated and emerging dash wallets that digital asset investors should consider this year. Check out some of the wallets below for you to have the best choice.

  • Trezor – Being one of the popular hardware wallets, Trezor is considered one of the safest storages for a dash. This wallet was designed to have safe storage as it’s being used offline. Perhaps, investors can be sure that this wallet will protect their assets from hackers and online thefts. It looks almost the same with an ordinary flash disk storage and is very easy and handy to use. Apart from its offline feature, the Trezor is also known for its built-in screen and buttons that allow users to verify and check every transaction made. Alongside dash, this wallet is also capable of storing other coins like Litecoin and Bitcoin.
  • Ledger Nano S – This is another hardware wallet that provides offline storage for coins like a dash. It is also considered as one of the safest storages for digital assets since it is able to store private codes which can be locked by a PIN code. Further, it is equipped with a two-way factor authentication which makes each transaction safe and secure. It also has a pressing button which makes it easy for the user to click on the service or transaction.
  • Dash Core Wallet – Unlike any other wallets, this one was designed for both desktop and mobile use. Its feature includes both the InstantSend and the PrivateSend and was also designed to send, receive and store Dash currency.
    While keeping your coins need tight security, creators of this wallet ensure that users will have full control over the private transaction codes all the time. Further, it is very easy to setup and use. However, unlike the other variants of digital wallets, this dash core wallet is not light and will require much of its hard space for its processing functions.
  • Exodus – This wallet was launched in July of 2016, and apparently, one of the newest digital coin storage in the market. It is known for its user-friendly interface and was also considered as one of the best desktop wallets for this year. To keep your coins safe and secure, the Exodus has the so-called one-click recovery system that stores all your transaction details and private keys. Without a doubt, this feature makes the Exodus as the best dash wallet for 2019.
    It is backed by a 24/7 support and can works best to all sorts of desktop operating systems like Windows, Mac, and even with Linux. While it may not yet have the same amount of time to make its reputation known to the market, the Exodus is still one of the best picks when it comes to keeping your coins safe.
  • Jaxx – Day by day, this Jaxx is becoming a lot popular. It is known to provide unique features and seamless experience to its user. Similar to Exodus, this Jaxx is also a desktop wallet that works for all desktop operating systems. What makes it all good is the fact that it can also be used for mobile versions such as Android and iOS users. Jaxx is highly-recommended for beginners since it is very easy to set up and so hassle-free to understand its functions. It also has a private key for your all-time security.

The Dash Wallet and The Dash Currency

It was in 2014 when the dash currency was released and apparently, it has a total supply of about 18 million coins around the world. Despite being new, the dash was considered as the fastest bitcoin, even faster than other digital currencies.

Right now, the dash currency holds the 12th place in the cryptocurrency market and is known for having a market value of around $1.6 billion in US dollars. Judging by this information, investors can safely say that dash is a good player in the market today.

In connection with this, choosing the right dash wallet is necessary for you as investors. It is not only a need but a vital step for investors to look for the most reputable and user-friendly dash wallet in keeping and storing their assets.

Factors to Look for a Dash Wallet

These are the important factors to consider when selecting the best dash wallet.

  1. Private Keys – Make sure that you have the full control over the private keys of your wallet to secure all your transactions.
  2. Compatibility – It is important that your wallet, may it be hardware or software, must be compatible with your desktop or mobile device operating systems to save your head from trouble.
  3. Ease of Use – Apart from its security, look for a wallet that makes it easy for you to set up and operate.
  4. Developer Community – It should have a community where you can run to whenever there is a need for you to have a maintenance check.
  5. Backup Feature – Ensure that apart from private codes, backup features are also available.


Given the years from the time that dash was introduced, users and investors are now lucky enough to have all these different wallets to choose from. When looking for a perfect wallet to store a large amount of dash, it would be highly recommended for you to pick for the wallet which has all the important factors to consider in selecting one.

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