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Best Bitcoin Wallets for Android

If you are one of the investors of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, then the next essential thing that you have to consider is getting a reliable and safe wallet where you can safely store your crypto assets. Since its creation in 2008, the Bitcoin currency was used to pay for things electronically; provided that both parties agreed to make such transaction. With that regard, numbers of investors who choose Bitcoin as their asset have grown over the period of time.

Bitcoin is not the only popular digital coin in the market today. Thus, selecting a digital wallet that works best for your Bitcoin would also allow you to make exchanges to some other digital coins available in the crypto space. When picking a wallet for your digital asset, whatever the choice that you’ll make, you have to make sure that it will adhere to your needs being an investor in the digital space.

Updated Bitcoin Wallets for Android and Its Features

If you are looking for a wallet where you can store your Bitcoin, then this list below is for you. Bitcoin android wallets are mostly applications that allow all users to store, send, and as well as receive Bitcoin from a certain Android device. This simply means that by using an android mobile wallet, you can simply make payments quickly anytime and anywhere.

Below is the list of the top Bitcoin wallets for android that could be of your great choice.

  1. Electrum Bitcoin Wallet – This is a well-known android wallet for Bitcoin and has never disappointed any users regarding its features. Accordingly, the Electrum Bitcoin wallet is very much serious with its security feature. Hence, you are assured that your digital asset is safe when stored into this wallet. You simply need to download this android application and the wallet will be generated using a seed of 12 different random words. The seed will be used to restore your device if in any case something happens to it. During the setup of the wallet, you will be asked to set up your 6-digit PIN that will be used to confirm payments. Apart from its PIN code features, it also has the so-called QR scanner that will easily capture any wallet address when making payments.
  2. Coinomi Wallet – This wallet was originally created in 2015 that manages and exchanges all coins in one single place. Apparently, this android wallet was not just known for storing Bitcoins, but as well as in keeping other cryptocurrencies. Just like the Electrum, this Coinomi also uses the master seed or 12 random words that never leave your device. Should anything happen to your device, you can make use of the master seed in order to restore your wallet balance. Furthermore, this wallet has the feature where the user can set their own password during the setup and not just a simple mandatory PIN. Apart from storing Bitcoin, the Coinomi also supports exchanges into the different crypto coins using either the services called as Shapeshift or Changelly.
  3. MyCelium Bitcoin Wallet – This is one of the most highly-acclaimed Bitcoin android wallets in the market today. Accordingly, this wallet is entirely an open source; thus, any user can simply check for any software problems and bugs and it is also near impossible for some developers to steal your Bitcoins. One of the best features of this wallet is its very simple interface. By simply clicking into its button, you can simply send and receive BTC as well as scan QR codes when necessary. Other than that, MyCelium has the so-called built-in address book where you can use when making payments as well. This wallet is also known for its massive security feature that requires you to have a security PIN each time you request on making payments. Moreover, this Android app also has a private key feature and cold storage that will only display your balance without having to send the BTC.
  4. GreenBits Bitcoin Wallet – This wallet is known for being a secure and open source Bitcoin android wallet. Apart from being an Android wallet, this also works best as a GreenAddress Chrome extension that allows users to manage Bitcoins from any sorts of device that runs through a Google browser. Using its wallet service, your BTC can be sent directly without the need to wait for any confirmation via the blockchain. Each payment is secured since it has the so-called unique “hash” that prevents thefts from using your BTC. The GreenBits is also secured with a PIN that users can create during the setup. Failing to enter the PIN correctly for three consecutive attempts, the wallet decryption will automatically be destroyed. However, if you wish to recover your BTC, you simply need to re-enter your 24-word mnemonic that is also created during the setup.
  5. Bitcoin Wallet – For quick and easy setup, and a wallet with the simplest user interface, then, this Bitcoin wallet is definitely the best choice. With the different issues concerning fees skyrocketing today, this wallet will simply inform users on what the transaction fee will be. Accordingly, this Bitcoin android wallet is the oldest among its existence. This is also the easiest wallet that anyone can start using especially for the beginners. Unlike any other wallet types, any user can immediately use the Bitcoin wallet right after installation.


As you can see, Bitcoin android wallet comes in various forms and features. The only thing that you need to consider is to choose the wallet that will make it easier for you to make transactions for your BTC. However, with the risk that a user might lose his android phone, it is also important to remember the following tips;

  • Always have a PIN code set to protect your wallet from theft.
  • Avoid storing bigger amounts into your Bitcoin android wallet.
  • Make sure to have a 12-word seed during your android wallet setup to ensure that your BTC will be kept safe and secured.

Always remember that each android wallet in Google is safe and verified. Nonetheless, it is still best to be careful in storing your Bitcoins to your android wallet application.

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