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Theworldbank Wallet Review

1. Introduction to cryto wallet Theworldbank Wallet: Theworldbank Wallet is a technology product of WB Develop and Technology PTE LTD Theworldbank Wallet cryto wallet issued a token: World Bank Token (WBT) Project information Theworldbank Wallet Official launch date: June 25, 2019 Origin: Singapore Business code: 201923843C Capitalization: 1.2bil $ sing …

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Simple Ways to Follow in Buying Ethereum in 2019

Ethereum is one of the most popular blockchain platforms in the digital market today. It is known for its smart contract functionality and such platform was invented by a person known as Vitalik Buterin in 2013. Since its emergence, it created a mark in the digital community and has gained …

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Celer Network: A Review of the Next Layer 2 Scaling Solution

Abstract Just like how the 56Kbps dialup Internet in the 90s cannot possibly support 4K video streaming, the insufficient scalability of today’s blockchain is the key factor limiting its use cases. Current blockchains have low throughput because each operation needs to be processed by the vast majority of nodes to …

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The Best Holo Wallets

Holo was formed back in many years with the main objective to create a hosting space for the social applications that will be hosted outside the centralized internet through a peer to peer infrastructure. Apparently, the Holo acts as a mere bridge between the distributed Holochain apps into the current …

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MATIC Network Review: Scaling Solution for Ethereum Blockchain

The Matic Network (MATIC) is a blockchain project that has been working on a solution to the scalability issues of the Ethereum blockchain. Their vision is to improve scalability via PoS (Proof of Stake) sidechains, and they believe that once scalability issues are resolved we’ll as well realize lower transaction fees, speedier …

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Ripple (XRP) Price Forecast

Ripple, which is also referred to as XRP, is the third largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. It was founded with the objective to facilitate international payments for banks. Ripple was released in 2012, making it one of the oldest cryptocurrencies. The design choices applied for Ripple represent an alternative approach …

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