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Aion Officially Launched Aion Surf for Miners

Aion has officially announced the official launching of Aion Surf for miners and it is finally live. It has been the main goal of the Aion network to attract more miners; given the fact that they are the backbone of the blockchain space.

In the continually growing mining community, this Aion Surf aims to make mining pool easier and a lot enjoyable for the miners. Further, apart from this launching, the Aion network also made sure to improve and give more time in the improvement of the UI/UX aspect so that the onboarding process will be made easier and smoother.

In a report from the Medium, it has been revealed that creating a simple and user-friendly design was the focus of the network as they introduced Aion Surf to the miners. Having known that this platform becomes enjoyable for the seasoned miners, the network also wanted for the design to be a lot intuitive, making it more appealing and easier to use for the new miners.

The Aion Surf Features

While the Aion Network made sure of the ease-of-use of this newly launched platform, another important aspect of the Aion Surf focuses more on being responsive to the miners. As miners log in and check for their recent status online, they will be able to get the best experience without having to compromise the usability of the platform.

Further, as they emphasize on becoming more responsive to the miners, this creates lots of internal discussions as most of them are happy about this new product. Meanwhile, thousands of miners around the world also look forward to the continuous updates and improvements that the Aion Network will add into its features and functionality.

Having known these recent functions, the network further informed the public that their pool will no longer require miners of fees in the future. For several reasons, they believed that adding fees would discourage them from mining and from joining the pool.

They further added that creating an account as a miner already entails efforts and investment; hence, they wanted to return back the effort of these people by requiring no further fees. Meanwhile, the Aion Network has also explored for some alternatives as they still planned to monetize the pool. Despite removing these fees, they still added that they cannot continue to operate free pool indefinitely.     As for the year 2019, the network added that they plan to have 0% fees, but may inform the public to some changes whenever significant changes happen in the market this year.

The Seamless Onboarding for Miners

As the Aion Network reveals the Aion Surf to the miners, they further iterate their aim to provide a seamless onboarding process, especially in creating pools. To create a smoother and easier pool is kind of service they aim to provide to the new entrants.

With this regard, the network believed that a clean process in joining the pool is the sure way to provide miners this kind of seamless onboarding. While everything is properly built, the Aion Network still continually aim to improve the process in order to make it simpler and fast for the miners.

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