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10 Best Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallets (iOS & Android) 2019

The trend of cryptocurrencies has been in the limelight in the market recently. This means that a growing number of people are already into the use of digital assets into their day to day transactions. With this mesmerizing digital advancement nowadays, it is no longer a surprise when most of the things are already going digital.

Through this digital asset, people are now capable of paying bills and commodities through digital assets. Meanwhile, digital currencies also come in different kinds. Every year, notable and popular digital assets are being introduced in the digital community. Therefore, as a consumer and investor, it is all to you as to the kind of assets that you will prefer to use.

With that, the need for safe storage comes next if you are among those digital assets’ users. Right now, digital wallets are already made available in the market in order to cater to the needs of the investors in terms of safekeeping their assets. Without a wallet, no one is allowed to make transactions. It is through this digital wallet where you can be able to send and receive digital currency easily.

Therefore, owning a digital wallet is already a required thing for digital currency users. Aside from it helps you save your asset from frauds and thefts; it is also the ideal way for you to continue making transactions in the digital community through your digital assets.

Here is the list below of the multi-currency digital wallet that works best for both iOS and Android device. Check this out.

#1 Jaxx – This is one of the best digital wallets that supports multiple currencies. Aside from that, the Jaxx works best with iOS and Android devices. Therefore, if you are a mobile phone user, then, basically, you will have full control of your digital assets right at the tip of your fingertip. This wallet is known for being highly-accessible and its ease of use. Further, it also has a conversion feature that allows you to convert other digital currencies to your preferred type of digital asset.

#2 Infinito Wallet – This is another wallet that is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It is known as the first universal cryptocurrency wallet that has ever existed in the digital community today. It has been notable in the world for being able to provide an easy and fast application to all the users. Aside from that, the Infinito wallet is known for its utmost security that works round the clock. Hence, you are assured that your assets are always safe and secured.

#3 Freewallet – Known for being the world’s first dedicated Bitcoin Gold wallet, the Freewallet is also known to support iOS and Android devices. Accordingly, this wallet supports around 20 kinds of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the DOGE tokens. Just like any other wallet, this kind allows you to store conveniently and transfer your currencies safely and fastly.

#4 Edge (Airbitz) – This is another powerful digital wallet that works for both iOS and Android devices. It is very easy to control and is known to offer ease of mobile banking to its users. Further, this wallet allows you to take control of your funds at any time and anywhere. With this Edge (Airbitz), the users are guaranteed to experience simply nothing but the best.

#5 Breadwallet – If you are looking for a very intuitive and secure wallet, then, you can certainly count on to this kind. The Breadwallet is best for Bitcoin users as it gives you full control over your digital assets. You can simply send and receive Bitcoin payments in an instant with this notable safest wallet in the marketplace.

#6 Bither – When using the Bither wallet for your iOS and Android device, you can use your Bitcoin just as simple as how you use your cash or credit card. One of its best features includes the private keys that are being protected by a digital password. You can also have real-time monitoring by simply connecting to network statuses like WiFi, 3G, or the BlueTooth connection.

#7 GreenBits – This wallet is specially designed for the Android users and it is known to provide the best security, privacy, and great user experience to the Bitcoin holders. Hence, if you are an Android phone user, this is apparently a must try for you.

#8 MyCelium – Another Android wallet, this one is known for. If you are a Bitcoin holder, you can simply send and receive your digital assets easily through this digital storage. This allows you to have full control of your funds plus a 100% security of your digital assets until you are able to spend and use them. You can simply install this wallet and be able to use it in seconds.

#9 Green Address – This kind of digital wallet is another one designed for both iOS and Android users. This will provide you with the best security and privacy that you need.

#10 Jaxx Liberty – This is another wallet that supports multiple coins and also works best for both Android and iOS users. Hence, it is one of the most notable choices when it comes to digital wallets for having been known for its security and ease of use.


With all these above-mentioned digital wallets, you can now have a wide array of options where you can store multiple digital coins. A digital wallet is undeniably considered as the safest place where you can store your assets. In every sending and receiving of digital assets, it can always be made possible if you have the best choice of digital wallet with you.

You only have to select the best kind which will adhere to your need and choice. Furthermore, always look for a wallet that stores your password and private keys securely. This is to make sure that your digital assets are safe until such time that you will be able to use them all. With more and more digital wallets in the marketplace today, make sure not to miss it by getting one!

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